SnagFilms was a site that offered thousands of free movies and, in some cases, television shows that were free. Ted Leonsis launched the service in 2008, but the service was shut down in the year 2020.

If you’re in search of alternatives, there are plenty of alternatives. Check out the collection of websites similar to Snagfilms, or scroll to the end of this page to see some examples of specific websites.

SnagFilms allows you to stream films and TV shows directly through their website. You can browse genres such as Awards-Winning Crime, Documentary, Biography, Animation, Comedy and Sports Kids & Family and Thrillers, Politics, etc.

There were also collections of films, such as Before They Were Stars, Athletes & Their Triumphs, History Lessons, as well as Youth & Education–so you could also find films with the same theme.

SnagFilms could offer free documentaries via its partners, including PBS, National Geographic, and filmmakers who submitted submissions.

Why did SnagFilms Shut down?

The majority of companies go out of business due to a lack of funds, and this seems to be the situation with SnagFilms. In April of 2020, the company removed all of its web pages their website. They gave us an explanation that is simple:

It’s always been a challenging business venture, and, given the current economic situation and the current economic crisis, it’s impossible for us to sustain.

List Of 10 Best SnagFilms Alternatives

There is a variety of movie streaming sites for free that you can make use of in place of SnagFilms. They are similar in that they offer quality films accessible through websites, mobile movie app streaming devices such as Roku and smart TVs, and so on.

#1 FilmRise – Best SnagFilms Alternative

With over 20K titles available to watch, FilmRise has risen to become an authority to reckon with. It is, however, primarily recognized for its amazing collection of classic films.

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The streaming website is accessible as an best free movie streaming app that can be downloaded and installed on a variety of devices that include Roku, Android, iPhone Firestick/Fire TV and many more. The interface is captivating and will keep you hooked to the site for a long period of time.

#2 Tinyzone

TinyzoneTV is the most reliable site to stream online movies without a fee easily, safely, and securely. With thousands of movies as well as TV series, they’re certain to feed your hunger regardless of what category you’re seeking. All movies are in HD quality (720p 1080p – 720p) and come with multiple subtitles to provide the best viewing experience. With the recently added ads-free feature, TinyZone is safer than any other free movie website available anywhere on the Internet. Your safety is paramount to us. There is no reason to take risks simply to watch their favorite films. So, there are no ads on TinyZone. If you experience any problems regarding the site, please reach us. They are always available to assist you!


#3 FMovies – Best SnagFilms Alternative

FMovies is a popular and well-loved streaming site for movies with millions of customers. have proof.

The site provides the latest TV series and films across different video formats. Its interface is attractive enough to entice you.

Furthermore, the expanded collection of movies will keep you entertained in awe for long hours. But, you’ll be greeted with advertisements directly from the homepage.

FMovies offers VOD content that is available in a variety of categories, including anime, country of origin, most-watched and released, genres and many more. In this way, viewers can simplify and filter the shows and movies they want to stream.

Additionally, FMovies has several mirror websites, and each of them will immediately redirect users to the main website. This article includes Fmovies alternatives, as well as their mirrors.

#4 Funimation

Funimation is another no-cost streaming service that is focused on anime. It has more than 720 options, which are divided into classics of the past as well as new content.

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You can browse through the streaming platform and choose what you want to watch next, according to genre or your mood. The service is free includes the option of dubbed or subbed titles, and lets you play around with texts and font backgrounds until you’re content with the viewing experience.

Funimation is completely free and there’s no registration required However, you’ll encounter advertisements. Depending on the length of the video you’re watching may see anywhere from up to five ads per video. While it’s annoying as it may be, you’re getting content for free.

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#5 GoGoAnime

The name implies that you’ll discover some wacky things on this site. It’s an amazing website for anime that allows you to watch a variety of kinds of anime without cost. This site offers animated and dubbed movies from its huge library. Full seasons of the films are available to stream for free with high-quality output. The best part is that you don’t have to sign up to watch the best free movie before you can access video content on Cartoon Crazy. You can bookmark this site and revisit it whenever you’re looking to catch your curiosity with a cool anime or cartoon series.

#6 GoMovies – Best SnagFilms Alternative

GoMovies is another free streaming site for movies that has an impressive selection of films as well as TV series. It has a captivating interface that’s constantly attracted by users’ eyes. GoMovies provides the impression that you can always be able to find the movie you’re looking for on its servers and this is true since the site offers a wide selection of films. GoMovies is among the streaming websites that update their collection daily If you don’t locate the latest movie today, make sure to check for it tomorrow, and it’ll be on the market.

#7 Google Play Movies

If you like watching your favorite TV shows and films on Android there is no need to download Netflix and other best free streaming services because there is already Google Play Movies. It’s a Google service that lets you purchase or rent films.

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However, you’re not restricted to viewing the films on the phone’s screen because you can rent films on its list to stream on any web browser. In addition, since we’ve talked about the possibility, it’s possible to also watch the most acclaimed films such as Avengers Infinity War, The Greatest Showman and the Incredibles 2. Find out More regarding Google Play Movies by clicking here!

#8 Gostream – Best SnagFilms Alternative

One of the most popular websites that offer free streaming of movies in the online world is GoStream. It is fast in response time and has lots of content that can enhance your streaming experience. Additionally, the hyperlink it gives is in 720p format. When a movie is chosen it immediately begins playing without the hassle and no delays, so no hassle!

This movie website for free is free of ads and is simple to access across any gadget.

The only drawback is that it has none of the TV shows that are available for streaming. In other words, it’s a fantastic website for all types of films.

#9 HBO Max

The most well-known system is HBO Max which is a fantastic alternative for you. It’s totally free if you already have a subscription to HBO Max, their cable TV channel. HBO.

In HBO Maxall the films and TV shows the channel can offer but only on your phone or your web browser. For example, you’ll be able to stream Abominable, Good Boys, The Secret Life of Pets 2, Bad Education, Spider-Man far From Home, and many more. Follow this link to view the entire catalogue!

#10 – Best SnagFilms Alternative is the most reliable streaming website to stream the latest Bollywood films online and without download. It is not necessary to sign-up to streaming a movie on this site.

This site is specifically designed for Hindi films exclusively. There are dubbed films and documentaries too.

It allows you to browse films by actors, actresses, directors, genres, year, and the year. It displays films with three streaming links, as well as important information such as IMDB rating as well as synopsis, duration, and synopsis.

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