Cello is a pretty interesting instrument to learn and you could tell it just by the way it looks. Although you really need to exert time and effort to grasp the skills, it is indeed a fun experience to consider. For new players of cello, the common dilemma is whether to enroll in a cello class or not. If you’re one of them, you might want to keep reading as we break down the answer to this dilemma.

Advantages of Taking Cello Lessons

Taking beginner cello lessons could benefit you in many ways like the following:

  • You’d be exposed to a systematic learning process starting from basic to complex lessons. 
  • You’d have proper guidance from a professional, where you can ask questions. 
  • There’s no wasted time and money.

How much does it usually cost?

Most services charge cello lessons based on the type of lesson and the instructor. Typically, it will also be based on your location if you want a home service. However, the average cost per 60 minutes starts from $73. This price isn’t fixed and could change anytime based on the school and your instructor.

Alternative ways to learn cello by yourself

If attending cello lessons is expensive for you, you still have an alternative for it. Take a look at the following. 

Watch video lessons on YouTube

Today, video lessons are just everywhere and you’d find lots of them on YouTube. You might want to look for video lessons that offer step by step tutorials for it is easier to follow. 

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Take free digital courses

If you’d browse and thoroughly search the internet for free digital courses, you’d surely find one. Some instructors are kind enough to give free courses on cello lessons. If you have successfully found one, don’t miss out and immediately grab the opportunity. 

Use apps to learn cello

Fortunately, there are some apps that you can use to learn cello. Some of these are Master Vionloncello Tuner, Cello Coach, PlayAlong Cello, and Cello Racer. Most of these apps are available both for Android and iOS devices, which is pretty good. If you want to try one of these, you can go to the app store, search, download, and start learning cello on your own.

It is advisable for beginner cello players to seek professional help when starting to play. It’s because you need to learn the fundamentals of a cello and acquire it so you could have an excellent foundation of the skills. Soon after you master the basics, you can just learn the rest the alternative way like watching videos or using applications in your home. It would be better to allot time and commitment when you decide to learn the cello. 


Cello is no longer a new instrument for many people. However, it actually looks a bit complicated because of its visual appearance, causing many beginner players to be overwhelmed and anxious. It’s undeniably different from a violin or guitar, the reason why you really need to spend lots of time and effort to master your cello skills.

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