Snakes are quickly becoming a popular and sought-after pet. This is part of a larger trend of an increased interest in exotic pets. But should snakes be kept as pets at all? It’s a question that many of those who have never cared for a cold-blooded creature have asked. Although their scales, flickering tongues, and lack of legs might seem intimidating and foreign, snakes make wonderful pets and many snake species are adapted well to domestic living. 

Reasons Why Snakes Make Great Pets

Beloved for their alluring colors and patterns and being easy to care for, many animal lovers are making the switch from traditional cats and dogs to pythons, boas, and more. And it’s not just a short-lived trend, snakes have many qualities that make them a fantastic pet option and ensure that they’ll continue to have a place in households for years to come. 

They’re Low Maintenance

As mentioned already, one of the biggest reasons why snakes make great pets is how low maintenance they are. Unlike dogs and cats, snakes haven’t been fully domesticated yet. They have maintained their independence as well as their preference for a solitary life. If you ever found yourself too busy to play with your pet and felt bad for it, you’ll have no such qualms when you own a snake. As long as their tank has the right temperature controls and a few places to hide, you’ll find yourself with one happy animal. 

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They’re Quiet

Even if you never owned a dog, odds are that at some point in your life you lived within earshot of one that constantly barked or otherwise made a ruckus. Snakes are virtually silent and promise quiet—something your neighbors are sure to appreciate as well. Snakes are great pets for people who live in apartment buildings with thin walls or are noise sensitive (i.e. have difficulty sleeping or require intense concentration when at home).

They’re Affordable

A gripe of any animal lover is all the costs that pets can bring. Food is always a big one, but then there are toys and treats, pet sitters, and replacing furniture or other items they’ve damaged. Except for food, you will have few ongoing costs associated with your snake. Their independent nature means that they also have little need for entertainment and that they can also be left alone for extended periods without issue. No furniture will get ruined as they 1) don’t have the means to break it and 2) are happy to be in their enclosures all day. Aside from the occasional vet health checkup and the cost of getting them set up, you’re looking at around $15 a month.

Your New Best Friend

If you’ve been on the fence about getting a snake, this is your sign to take the leap. Snakes make fantastic pets and have become well-adjusted to pampered lives in captivity. Some of the best species for beginners to start with include the ball python, corn snake, and kingsnake. Regardless of which you prefer, you can find all of those snakes for sale virtually anywhere that snakes are sold.

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