Are you considering pursuing a career in early childhood education? Did you know there are a few early childhood education jobs to choose from? That’s correct!

If you have one specific type of job in mind that you want to use this degree for, then it’s also a good idea to know what some other options are in case there’s something that suits you better or if you ever want a change. Before you can begin your career, however, you’ll need to receive your early childhood education degree. 

Here’s what you need to know about the degree and what you can do with it.

How to Get Your Degree

Different states might require different levels of education in early childhood for a variety of jobs. You might want to look into the specific type of degree needed for the type of work you want to do and then go from there. You can get your degree by attending college in person.

You can also get an early childhood education degree online. The choice is yours. 

Associate’s Degree

An associate’s degree in early childhood education will take you two years to complete. You can earn this degree at a four-year college or at a community college. This degree will land you several entry-level early childhood education jobs. 

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Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree will need to be earned at a four-year college whether you take the classes in person or online. Once you obtain your bachelor’s degree, you can enter an early childhood career with the likelihood of better pay and higher chances of getting hired over someone with an Associate’s degree. 

Master’s Degree

A master’s degree can be earned after the completion of a bachelor’s degree and will take around 1-3 years to do so. Having a master’s degree in education with a focus in early childhood education can earn you a ticket to higher-level job positions, better pay, and quicker advancements in the field. 

Depending on what your interests are, you may decide to use your master’s in early childhood education for educational administration, technology, or something else.

What You Can Do With the Degree

There are many great job options once you have your degree. Know what your state’s requirements are for each position so you can ensure the proper amount of education or degree level before applying. 

Teacher’s Assistant 

If you have an associate’s degree, then you can become a teacher’s assistant. You can do this until you receive your bachelor’s degree, or you can make a career out of it. You’ll be in the classroom helping the teacher with various daily tasks. 

Preschool Teacher

An early childhood education degree can also land you a job as a preschool teacher. You can teach at many different types of preschools, such as Parkway Preschool, and use your degree to plan a curriculum that targets different developmental stages of young children.

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Childcare Worker

Daycares, nurseries, and childcare centers will also gladly hire applicants with a degree in early childhood education. Childcare workers focus on caring for children throughout the day to ensure their safety but also support social and emotional development.

Is a Early Childhood Education Degree Right For You?

If an early childhood education degree sounds like something you’d be interested in, then make sure to follow this guide for an error-free process. Know what degree level the job you’re interested in requires and then work your way to the top!

More educational topics will be posted regularly so check back here for more.


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