In 2021, it was announced that the firm bought OpenPlay and the gaming company PublishMe.
The company’s shares rose by 4% on Monday following the acquisition announcement on September 17 following market hours.

A few of Nazara’s most sought-after acquisitions
Startup Sector Investment

  • OpenPlay Multi-game consumer gaming platform Rs186.4 crore
  • publisher Mobile is a game publishing agency. with a budget of Rs20 crore

  • Paper Boat Apps is a Mumbai-based indie studio Rs83.5 crore

  • Sports Unity Creator of a multiplayer game called Qunami Rs7.5 crore

  • Sportskeeda Platform for sports media, with a value of Rs 44 crore
  • Blackbuck, a local language gaming platform Unknown

  • Halaplay Fantasy gaming platform Rs40 crore

The total revenue of the acquired company in the fiscal year of FY20 (pre-COVID) was around Rs91 crore.

The company claims this acquisition permits NODWIN Gaming to massify gaming and esports by using the synergies that are emerging in gaming and entertainment. This is what a teenager – to 30-year-old would like to find.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s Jhunjhunwala’ Nazara Technologies’ shares up due to another acquisition in the coming year
BSE data and chart for Flourish

The company’s shares have risen 35% since it launched on March 30, with a blockbuster stock listing with a premium of 81% over the price of its issue.

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