There are almost 900,000 beauty salons scattered throughout the country today. Each of them brings something a little bit unique to the table.

But every beauty salon has at least one thing in common. They all expect people to abide by certain beauty salon etiquette when they’re stopping by for a visit.

If you’re planning on taking a trip to a beauty salon sometime soon, you should freshen up on your hair salon etiquette. It’ll help you avoid committing an awkward faux pas at any point while you’re inside of a salon.

Check out some useful salon etiquette tips below.

Always Arrive at a Beauty Salon on Time for an Appointment 

If you have an appointment at a beauty salon at 10 a.m., you should make sure that you’re at the salon and sitting in your chair at 10 a.m. Or better yet, you should make sure that you’re at the salon 15 or even 20 minutes in advance of your appointment so that you’re all ready to go when the times comes.

Ideally, you want to have your hair done at a beauty salon that is in the general area of your home so that getting there on time isn’t an issue. You should Google “beauty salon near me” to find a salon that isn’t too far from your house.

Prepare to Make Conversation With Your Hairstylist

You don’t necessarily need to sit down in your chair at a beauty salon and immediately start telling your hairstylist your entire life story. But beauty salon etiquette does call for you to make polite conversation with your hairstylist throughout the course of an appointment.

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If you struggle to come up with topics to talk about in social settings, you might want to think up a few things that you can discuss with your hairstylist while you’re still at home. Just make sure that the topics you choose aren’t going to get you involved in any heated debates during what is supposed to be downtime for you.

Stay Off Your Cell Phone While Your Hairstylist Is Working on Your Hair

You might be tempted to reach for your cell phone while you’re sitting in your chair at a hair salon. If your hairstylist isn’t working on your hair, it’s OK to do this.

But if they’re hard at work, you should leave your cell phone in your pocket. You might end up making your hairstylist’s job harder than it has to be by talking or texting on your phone when they’re trying to work.

Leave a Good Tip for Your Hairstylist in the End

At the end of a beauty salon appointment, you’re going to be asked to pay for the services rendered to you. You should pay for them and then decide how much of a tip you’re going to leave for your hairstylist.

Generally speaking, you should try to leave a 20% tip for a hairstylist whenever possible. That’s the standard rate at most beauty salons today.

Make Your Next Trip to a Beauty Salon a Success by Putting These Tips to Good Use

If you’re not someone who goes to a beauty salon on a regular basis, you might be nervous about making an appointment at one because of all the salon etiquette that is involved. But as you’ve seen here, it’s pretty easy to follow the unspoken rules of beauty salons.

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Utilize the tips that we’ve laid out to make a trip to a beauty salon a complete success. They’ll make you feel more comfortable all throughout a salon appointment.

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