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In this day and age, it’s practically impossible to grow a startup on traditional marketing strategies alone. Gone are the days where customer acquisition was as simple as mailing out a brochure to homes within your local community. Now a case of carefully shaping your marketing budget into the digital channels where your ideal customers spend the majority of their time. 

This being said, print marketing does have its place in a marketing strategy, regardless of the sector. It’s a well-known fact that we brits enjoy spending our time online, but with digital ads becoming the new norm, there is now an opportunity for traditional print to steal consumers engagement once again to create a meaningful relationship with the consumer. 

In this article, we will be providing you with a guide to the world of print marketing in 2021. It’s time to better inform startups of the importance of print marketing and how it can be used to win customers. 

What Is Traditional Print Marketing? 

Print marketing is a form of marketing that uses printed media to reach out to consumers. The most popular form of print marketing in this day and age is business cards but print also includes brochures, posters and even loyalty cards which help with customer retention. Simply put, if you ever leave an encounter with a business holding a physical item, this is a form of print marketing. 

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The Ever-Evolving Digital Landscape 

If you haven’t heard of digital marking in this day and age you must have been living underneath a rock. With most consumers spending up to 59 hours on the internet per week, it’s crucial that businesses are able to reach their customers online. Digital marketing helps to bridge this gap, serving ads and banners for internet users. 

Traditional Print Marketing

The Golden Formula of Digital & Print

Unfortunately, there is no such this as a golden formula, every business is different meaning that you have to decide on this budget split yourself. If we were to simplify the split into two main categories. B2C companies invest more in digital marketing as it allows them to reach a wider audience with lower costs. B2B businesses may have a much smaller audience but this creates a need for a more personal marketing strategy that helps to build a long-lasting relationship. 

Print can allow you to create tailored marketing to connect with your customers. Whether it is in the form of brochures to help inform your customers about new products or a more tailored letter to invite them to an upcoming event, printing can be used in so many ways to connect with the people that matter most to your business. 

Integrate Print Into Your Strategy 

The print should always be considered as a part of your marketing strategy. If it’s not a part of your customer acquisition strategy it can be extremely valuable for customer retention. Every business can implement print into their sales funnel in one way or another it’s just a case of understanding how you can make print work for your business. 

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Print can be applied to toys businesses marketing strategies in a number of ways. The best way to approach this is by assessing the current holes in your marketing and use print to help plug these holes and connect with your ideal customer. Print can not only help with customer retention but it can be used for acquisition as well. 

Applications of Print Marketing 

At the start of this article, we gave you a couple of the print marketing applications which you can complement within your startup’s marketing strategy but the reality is, print marketing applications are endless. Here are some of the other ways print can be used for your business: 

  • labels 
  • envelopes 
  • certificates 
  • booklets 
  • letterheads 
  • loyalty cards 
  • business stationery 
  • banners 

Print Marketing Startup Guide 

To summarise all the points we discussed in this article, print is still an essential part of marking your business in 2022. Whether you a brand new startup or a well-established business looking to crush your competitors, there is always digital prints in London that can work for your business. Your businesses success may just be one search away. 

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