Official Trailer for BLOWBACK

The official trailer for BLOWBACK 2022, an action-adventure film set in the future in which a group of people takes on a corrupt government that has taken over the world, was released on December 27, 2018. The film is listed on the Netflix website, which means it will be available on its streaming service sometime in early 2019. The trailer goes over the story briefly and gives a little background information about the characters we will see in it.

The main character of BLOWBACK is a hacker named D-2030, who was caught and recruited into the Illuminati, a group of people who fight against that corrupt government. He is about to be executed by the Illuminati when his son, Dylan Yang Yi Fan, comes to rescue him. They fight out of the building, with D-2030 being shot and killed by a man about to pull the trigger when Dylan throws his backup gun at him. The trailer then shows Dylan escaping with his father’s body, enclosed in a tube.

As you can see from the trailer, there are two new coming soon movie trailers to be made for BLOWBACK 2022, which also happens to be the first movie by a Chinese director to have a Chinese actor Julia Liu playing the leading role in it. That makes this the first-ever Chinese-produced Hollywood movie that has been released and is on Netflix. The project’s total budget was over $100 million, and the film was shot in China, featuring some of its well-known landmarks.

Achievements in China:

The film has already been made into three TV shows, a documentary, and at least one comic book, which doesn’t count the total number of movies made.
BLOWBACK is the first Chinese-produced Hollywood movie to be released in the United States to Netflix worldwide. It is one of China’s top movie franchises, with at least three films released in Chinese cinemas on Netflix.
It is the fourth Chinese-produced movie to be released in China, Netflix worldwide, and the United States.

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Awards and Recognition:

The official trailer for BLOWBACK 2022 won the Best Trailer award at the 2018 Shanghai International Movie Awards and Best Director/Best Action/Adventure Film, and Best Fight scene awards. The movie was also nominated for the Star of Tomorrow Award for Yang Yi Fan at the 2019 Hong Kong Film Awards.

In addition to these awards, the movie also received seven nominations for the 2019 Hong Kong Film Awards. It won Best Action Scene Jia Long, Best Visual Effects Danny Lam, Best Cinematography Liu Bo and the award for Julia Liu’s favorite music soundtrack. It is not the first time a Chinese film has been nominated for any of these awards. There have been Chinese films on Netflix before, but none have been nominated for any awards. It is much harder to get a nomination for a foreign film in China than in other countries.

About the Film:

The film is about an oppressive government that manages to take over the world. D-2030 Yang Yi Fan is a former hacker recruited by an organization called the Illuminati to fight against that government. However, after he gets caught, he escapes with his son, Dylan Julia Liu, from their supposed execution and goes on the run from their pursuers. When Dylan looks out of the house window, he sees another young man looking at the house with binoculars. He goes outside to check it out but gets attacked by him and is almost killed. However, he is rescued by his father in time, and they manage to get away from the man who shot them.

Considering what he learned about the government, Dylan plans to take down their leader, who is also called D-2030, and save the human race by assassinating him. He finds out where D-2030 will be at a particular time that day and takes his gun with him. They set off to another place in the city, where they meet up with a resistance group that has been fighting against the government’s tyranny. As you can see, the movie BLOWBACK 2022 is about an authoritarian government that has taken over the world, with a young man named D-2030 leading the fight against them. We will probably see who this leader is later in the movie when it comes out on Netflix, so we will update this article if any new developments are in this movie.

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