A 2021 survey says that the number of foreign job seekers migrating to Poland has increased immensely in the last couple of years. The primary reason behind this immigration is the increase in the birth of new Polish companies and changes introduced in the employment process by the Polish government. 

However, these stats about the migration of job seekers to Poland will sound wrong when you initiate the search for an ideal fit for your business’s vacant job post. 

Finding suitable candidates is one of the significant challenges of running a business. So, what shall a business owner do to ensure they land the best hires and overcome the various business and resourcing challenges? The answer lies in leveraging good recruitment agency services! 

But now again, finding the right recruiting agency that understands your exclusive hiring needs can be a new challenge altogether.

To help businesses out in their search, here are a few crucial considerations to finding the right corporate recruitment agency. 

Let’s have a closer look at the tips – 

1. Decide if you need a specialised or a general recruitment firm.

When partnering with a recruitment agency, you must know your requirements and go for the one that meets your needs. 

Check your requirements and decide if your job post needs and timeline demand a specialist recruiter or the general recruitment firm can also work. Doing this will not only help you understand what to expect, but it will also help all your shortlisted potential professional recruiting firms. 

When generic firms know how to handle all types and nieces of posts, specialised firms know the nitty-gritty of the specific professionals. For instance, if you need specialised IT Employees, go for an IT recruitment agency in Poland. These Technical or specialised recruitment agencies work only with a particular industry and know what such professionals look for in a job. They can communicate and negotiate well enough to convince them to join your company, further optimising your hiring process.

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2. Ensure your recruitment agency adheres to all the legal and ethical rules

This is one of the first steps toward finding the right recruiting partner. Ensure the agency you choose follows all legal, social and ethical requirements before you close the deal.

Today, recruitment agencies often overlook legal breaches. 

Some common legal breaches followed by recruitment agencies are employee misclassification, ignoring the immigration issues where they hire non-citizens, misleading the employers and more. 

Thus, businesses must educate themselves about the potential legal pitfalls and ensure the agency they partner with follows them all. Awareness of the legal and social responsibilities is integral for businesses to prevent data breaches, avoid hefty penalties, and maintain the brand’s reputation.  

3. Evaluate the core practices of the recruitment agency

Knowing your recruitment agency before you outsource your employees with their help is important. Check if they follow ethical practices, have a quality candidate pool, and how much experience they have. Although going just for the experience is not always recommended. There are chances that even the old recruiting agencies may not have a quality talent pool. On the other hand, you might find a newly established recruitment agency with recruitment specialities who know your unique hiring needs.

So, businesses should research well about the agency before closing the deal. Go through the company rules, know their team members & ensure they follow transparent communication practices. 

4. Read testimonials and reviews of their previous clients 

The feedback of the previous business owners will clear half of your doubts about the agency. Reviews and testimonials speak about the quality of the consultant’s work. Spending time checking the platforms like Google Reviews, Glassdoor, Indeed & Facebook can be extremely helpful. Plus, you can also visit their company website & go through the testimonials they posted on their site. You can also request the agency share previous testimonials from their clients, similar to your niche. 

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5. Don’t forget to check the Case Studies 

In addition to the reviews and feedback, don’t forget to consider checking the case studies. Case studies speak about the consultant’s potential and give insight into how they identify & solve the challenges of their clients. Case studies have been proven to gather information on the consultant to assess suitability effectively. It also helps you understand if they can mimic the kinds of tasks that would be required of them and enables you to understand the strengths of the consulting firm.

Bottom Line 

No doubt, finding the right recruitment agency is taxing; you can pick the best agency from the crowd with the tips mentioned above. That can help upgrade your hiring process, reduce the workload for your current employees, offer a good pool of candidates and help you with the rare-to-find talents in no time. 

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