According to a US Department of Education study, private school students complete more advanced-level courses and perform better on standardized tests than students in public school. They’re also more likely to complete a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree by their mid-20s.

What do you think? Is a private school the best choice for your child? Is it worth the extra cost and effort to find a private elementary school or private high school in your area?

Consider five compelling reasons why you should do exactly that.

1. Higher Academic Standards

The most obvious reason to consider private schools is the higher quality of education. Not only will your child be surrounded by teachers and students who love learning, but they’ll be pushed to excel in every subject.

Although similar to what’s taught in public schools, private schools have the ability to develop their own curriculum. This tends to be more rigorous, with more requirements to keep up a high grade-point average.

What does this mean in simple terms? Your child will likely carry a higher course workload than they would at a public school. In addition, teachers will expect to see a high quality of work from each student at all times.

It’s also common for private schools to incorporate other requirements into their curricula, such as community service or participation in the arts. While these after-school activities are “optional” in the public school system, they’re generally required for graduation from a private school.

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Overall, you can expect your child to reach a higher level of academic achievement. This will better prepare them for college and their future career.

2. Broaden Their View of the World

Remember studying American history for the umpteenth time by the end of high school? Another advantage of private schools is that their curriculum features a wider range of topics than a standard public school. 

Rather than just teaching “the basics” required to graduate, private schools seek to expand your child’s mind. Their courses are designed to offer a broader view of history, science, philosophy, and the arts. There’s no better way to prepare your child for the global interconnected society of the 21st century.

In addition, your child will have the chance to pursue their niche interests alongside fellow students. Private schools such as offer an endless list of clubs and activities to choose from. For example, your child might want to learn Russian or Mandarin, study robotics, or take up classic sports like horseback riding or archery.

Whatever interests your child has, there’s a private school that will foster and develop that passion. The key is finding a school whose values align with your own!

3. Smaller Student-Teacher Ratios

Nationwide, the average student-teacher ratio in public schools is 16:1. In some states, this figure climbs as high as 27:1. 

Contrast that with private schools, which average 12 students for every one teacher.

In addition, there are also likely to be far fewer students on campus. The average private high school has under 400 students, while the local public high school often has over 1,000. It’s no wonder that so many students simply “get lost” among a sea of peers.

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Simply put, your child will receive more individualized time and attention at a private school. With fewer students in each class, they can participate more, ask more questions, and make their voices heard.

They’ll have the chance to bond with their teachers and counselors while pursuing subjects they’re passionate about. They’ll also be surrounded by like-minded students who also want to excel in their education.

4. More Funding & Opportunities

It’s true that you’ll have to pay for your child to attend a private school. The price of admission is well worth it, though, because private schools make excellent use of those funds.

For example, they may be able to develop programs that would be restricted (or unaffordable) in the public school system. They have more funds available for student-run clubs and can offer better supplies and equipment. For example, it’s not uncommon for private schools to offer filmmaking classes or robotics clubs.

In addition, private schools can afford to plan special field trips for their students. Rather than being limited to a quick visit to a local museum, students may have the chance to go on extended trips to enhance their education. Imagine your child’s excitement if they had the chance to tour the White House, go on a ski trip in France, or spend a semester studying abroad.

5. A Strong Push Towards College

Private schools are goal-oriented. From the very first day, teachers and counselors will instill in students the expectation that they’ll go to college and pursue meaningful careers.

As of 2020, 62% of high school graduates under the age of 24 were enrolled in college or university. Attending private school is one way you can ensure your child will become part of that statistic.

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A related perk of private schools is that they often carry more weight on college applications. If your child hopes to attend an Ivy League school or another college with low acceptance rates, graduating from a private school will make their application stand out.

This could be the leg-up they need to edge out other students and get into their dream college after graduation.

Private Schools: The Right Choice for Your Child?

As you can see, there are many benefits of private schools — and there are plenty more we didn’t get to discuss today. 

A private school is a sure way to set up your child for future success. They get a well-rounded education surrounded by other students who love to learn. What more could you ask for?

If you think this is the right path for your family, do a search for “private elementary schools” or “private high schools near me” and see what’s in your area!

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