The most important factor in successful recovery is finding the right lawyer for you.

Insurance companies can afford to pay for skilled lawyers that specialize in personal injury defense. Your lawyer’s experience and skills will determine the amount of compensation that you receive.

Many injury victims don’t know that even the most experienced and successful personal injury lawyers in their community can charge fees similar to inexperienced lawyers with no track record of success in courtrooms.

Do not make the mistake of selecting a personal injury attorney solely from advertisements. Unscrupulous lawyers will quickly settle your case for the lowest possible settlement offer from insurance companies. These firms are known for their “high volume” and “quick turn” work ethic. There are many personal injury “wannabes” in every community who will grab your case quickly and settle it for you for very low money (but a high return on the lawyer’s investment).

How do you find the right lawyer to represent your case in a serious personal injury suit?

You should do your research on local lawyers before making any important decisions. You need to make sure you ask the right questions in order to determine if an attorney has a track record of success before you meet with them.

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This free report will give you information that many injury victims don’t know about personal injury lawyers. This report can help you make a difference in your case. It could mean the difference between winning it or losing it.

#1 Ask the lawyer: “What percentage are your cases referred by other lawyers?”

Ask local lawyers for recommendations on the best personal injury lawyers in your area. It is important to determine if a large percentage of a lawyer’s caseload is derived from referrals from others lawyers. Professionals in any profession or field know who is good and who is not. It might be worthwhile to ask a friend or an attorney who practices law for advice. Even if they don’t specialize in injury cases, it is likely that they have friends who are knowledgeable about malpractice or personal injury lawyers who are regarded as the best in the area.

#2 What types of cases do the lawyer deal with on a daily basis.

A general practitioner is a lawyer who handles many types of legal cases. A lawyer who is experienced in handling personal injury cases will be able to assist you if you have a serious injury case. It is almost impossible for a general practice lawyer to keep up with all developments in law and medical malpractice law. Insurance companies hire experienced specialists to defend personal injury cases. When a general practitioner takes on a law firm that specializes only in personal injury cases, he or she is likely to be at a great disadvantage.

#3 How long have they been representing personal injury victims?

Most lawyers who represent victims in personal injury and medical malpractice cases charge the same “contingent fee” regardless of how long they’ve been practicing. A lawyer with 3 years of experience will charge you the same amount as someone with 25 years and 100 jury trials in personal injury cases. You should consider hiring a more experienced lawyer. Your case’s outcome can be affected by the experience of your lawyer.

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#4. Is this lawyer able to teach other lawyers?

Lawyers who regularly lecture at legal education seminars (or “CLE”) have the respect of their professional peers. Because other lawyers want to hear their opinions, they are often asked to speak at legal education seminars. Article writers for legal publications are often the best in their field. They know what they’re talking about. Many personal injury lawyers will post the topics of speaking engagements and publications on their websites. You can check the website of the lawyer to see if they teach other lawyers about the latest developments in personal injury law. If so, ask for a copy.

#5. Does this lawyer belong to any legal organizations that specialize in representing injured people?.

There are many organizations, both state and national, that are dedicated to representing injury victims. These organizations sponsor legal publications as well as legal education programs. They also lobby for consumer rights. The American Association of Justice is the most well-known national organization. The Indiana Trial Lawyers Association is an organization of plaintiff lawyers that advocates for injured people in Indiana. While you can find a lawyer that doesn’t belong in any of these groups you shouldn’t expect them to represent you in serious injury cases.

#6 Is this lawyer actually able to try cases in court?

Many people assume that all personal injury lawyers are in court to try cases. It is impossible to believe that this could be farther from the truth. Many lawyers who claim to be trial lawyers or personal injury lawyers have very little or no experience in jury trials. You should first ask whether the lawyer has tried cases in court and if so, how often. This is a crucial question that many people don’t think to ask.

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Personal injury lawyers know which injury lawyers actually take cases. This information is used by insurance companies to assess their risk. When a serious case is filed, the insurance adjuster will first ask: Who is the plaintiff?

Only one way to get the highest settlement for your case is through a settlement. Your lawyer must be able, willing, and able to take the case to court. You can expect a significant discount if you choose a lawyer that settles all cases and never takes the case to court.

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