Besides life insurance, you also require availing health insurance to safeguard your health as well as that of your family members. A carefully selected health insurance policy from a reputed company is sure to reimburse all expenses incurred to treat covered medical conditions. You need to submit all the bills provided at the hospital and for medicines with the insurance company that you had purchased the policy from. You may also opt for a cashless treatment option. In this type, you don’t have to bother about bill payments, since the insurance company is likely to settle the bills directly with the concerned hospital. But to avail benefits from this cashless facility, you are to seek treatment only from the insurance company approved network hospitals. A major feature of such policies is that they come with a limited validity period. Before termination of the policy, you are to renew it immediately without fail to enjoy its benefits. Buy comprehensive mediclaim policy only from the leading insurance providers. 

Know the features

These days, people lead a sedentary lifestyle filled with tensions and worries. Thus, they are at very high risk of contracting different types of diseases and health issues. You need to invest in a medical policy to derive financial assistance during medical emergencies. Health insurance policies from reputed insurance providers are gaining importance across the country for various reasons. It includes:

  • Tax benefits derived on annual premium.
  • Both you and your family members can avail the benefits of this policy
  • Avail cashless facility provided at network hospitals. 
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Health insurance policy types

You can come across different types of health insurance policies offered by the well-established insurance companies. First identify your specific requirements. Go through the different policies and compare them thoroughly to find out what suits your needs the best. 

Popular health insurance policies offered are:

  • Family floater policy: Coverage in this policy is provided to one individual only. However, it is possible to extend coverage to other family members as well later on. 
  • Individual policy: This policy is meant for just one person. It is the designated person who will be able to derive the benefits mentioned in the policy.
  • Critical illness policy: There can be risks of contracting life-threatening diseases such as heart failure, kidney failure, cancer, etc. You may lose your savings quickly due to increasing hospital expenses. Such policies when carefully chosen can help curb such huge expenses as the insurer will make a lump sum payment if the disease is diagnosed. 
  • Senior citizen policy: It is designed exclusively for those who have crossed 60 years of age. It covers hospitalization expenses, something essential for this particular age group. 
  • Personal accident policy: This policy provides adequate financial protection to the family on the accidental death of the insurer, who probably could be the sole or main breadwinner. It also offers protection for temporary total disability, permanent partial disability and permanent total disability. 
  • Mos-bite protector policy: Such policies can provide protection, if you get diagnosed with vector borne diseases such as Dengue fever, Malaria, Zika virus and Chikungunya. Do make sure to avail policies with Epidemic coverage, especially for Covid-19 and other future pandemics. 
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What is included in the policy?

It is necessary to understand that health insurance policies offered in the market tend to vary with the insurer chosen. However, most insurance companies tend to include following expenses like: 

  • Day care treatment: It provides coverage to those treatments not requiring any kind of hospitalization while the patient gets released within 24 hours of admission. 
  • Hospital charges: It includes various types of expenses charged by the hospital on admission like tests, organ donation, room charges, organ donor expense, blood, oxygen cylinder, etc. 
  • Hospital stay: Hospital admission can be quite expensive as bed charges itself will cost several thousands of rupees. However, a valid health insurance policy can help cover the amount spent on ICU, wards or private rooms. 
  • Pre & post hospitalization: Health insurance policies also provide coverage for those expenses incurred before as well as after hospitalization of the insured person. Different types of expenses are to be borne on hospitalization associated with the treatment which will be covered by the health insurance policy. 
  • Surgeon’s charges & Consultation fees: Such policies also cover the surgeon’s consultation, service charges. 

What are the exclusions to know about?

The health insurance policy availed from a reputed insurance company like Care Health Insurance is likely to be comprehensive in its benefits offered. But you need to be aware of certain treatment procedures that might not be included within the policy. A few common exclusions are cosmetic & plastic surgery and external devices like contact lenses or hearing aid. Even pre-existing illnesses get covered only after the waiting period is completed.

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