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Isn’t link building dead? Well, it has been for those who failed to adapt to the updated requirements on details, tools, skills, and perseverance. 

Google confirms that links are still the #1 ranking factor for websites together with high-quality content. It’s challenging for a website to rank without links. Also, why would one try to do it without links in the first place? Search engines care about links more than other factors, and so should all online businesses. 

When we refer to backlinks, we mean references from other web pages to a website. Why is link building crucial for SEO?

– Search engines use links to discover a website

– Google confirmed that it finds it unnatural to find a page without backlinks

– Links are Google’s primary ranking factor

– Links pass trust

– Links are the web

– Links suggest great content

Are all backlinks the same?

One would think, “the more, the better”, but this doesn’t go when it comes to links. It’s crucial to ensure the references linked to your website aren’t risky or low-quality. You’d better get fewer high-quality links than thousands of no-value ones. Risky or weak backlinks will only damage your website’s ranking and reliability. Because not all references are the same, you must be very careful when building an SEO strategy. Ensure that the links you build for your website are relevant and associated with great and informative content. Your public will be satisfied with the content they get, and search engines will keep your web page in the search results. Creating natural links that don’t make Google conclude you’re trying to manipulate the algorithm is also paramount. 

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Therefore, you need to create a link building strategy that enables you to collect references from trustworthy websites. A strong profile of links from other resources to your content is a significant ranking signal for Google, and you shouldn’t ignore building it.

Here are the tactics you should keep in mind when you build links. 

Provide relevant industry statistics

Link building services experts reveal that offering relevant statistics in your sector could work wonders for your link building strategy. Content creators are always searching for stats and need data to back up their content, so they can curate the information from your website and reference your web page as a trustworthy resource. You don’t need to own the data but cite it from reliable resources.          

Guest posting

Guest posting can help you create valuable links, but the secret to convincing editors to post your blogs is to show you know their brand and audience and care for them. Put effort into producing well-written articles for the blog and place a dofollow link to your website if the editor agrees. This is an effective SEO tactic. Here are three points attributed to its effectiveness:

– Relevant backlinks. The piece of content you produce contains several relevant resources, including your website, to drive traffic. 

– Free backlinks. Search engines penalise black-hat tactics, so the guest posting technique enables you to obtain dofollow backlinks without paying. 

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– Healthy link growth. Guest posting requires great research and patience, but it’s a great SEO tactic. 

Strategic content partnerships

Co-marketing is a solid online marketing strategy to build brand authority and attract more visitors. Considering that you’re banking on others’ following and authority, you can easily get the necessary authority to increase sales. A way to engage in co-marketing is to exchange backlinks with authoritative online resources. If you’re looking for link building United Kingdom based, search for local websites that cater to your audience and exchange links to each other’s pages. It’s recommended to identify a topical article where you want to link from your website and offer to link back to their pages on your Blog section. 

Discover your competitor’s backlinks

Before creating a list of links, research your competitors, and you’ll most likely identify several backlinks you don’t have. Now, if they got those links, you most likely will also be able to do it. You should analyse the links to determine if they’re qualitative and try to get the ones that would benefit you. Several online tools enable you to find your competitors’ list. Searching the links for at least 10 competitors when you create the report is recommended to discover as many sources as possible. 

Recover dead backlinks

Did you know you might find broken links to your website? This happens if the location of a page changes or a webmaster misspells a link. No matter the situation, these backlinks lead to a 404 error, and you should make sure they return to an active page. Such instances also happen when you migrate your website from one domain to another or re-launch it. Keeping an eye on broken links and redirecting them to other pages is crucial. You can use a link recovery tool to identify the backlinks to your website and find out if any of them lead to a non-existent page. 

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Turn mentions into backlinks

This is an easy way to get more links to your website. Search the internet to find out if someone mentioned your brand’s name in their posts or reviewed your products or services. Often content writers only mention the brands and their products without linking to the resources. In this case, you can contact the webmaster and ask them if they could convert the mention into a backlink. 

Newsletter subscriptions

You might not know about its benefits if you have never had a newsletter. Publishing a newsletter can increase the awareness and attention of your public. If you provide them with exciting and qualitative content, you boost the probability of the readers sharing it and increase traffic and the number of links to your website. 

Make sure your newsletters always include a call to action that encourages them to open a link to your website or share a piece of content. 

Link building isn’t enough to increase a page’s ranking…

But it’s definitely an important step in the process, so don’t neglect it!

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