Getting dressed is one of the things we miss about our lives before the pandemic. Though we have resorted to comfy lounge wears and loose fits, it is now time to get our fashionista vibe back and get ready for the fall season. However, the sad truth about the fashion industry is that it still has a long way to go when it comes to inclusivity related to plus-size women. We are not seeing enough spotlight on chic, bold, and award-worthy plus-size looks that many curvy divas are rocking. Fortunately, thanks to Instagram, we are seeing exceptionally beautiful curvy influencers and celebrities creating fearless looks and talking all about style for curvy queens. If you hadn’t been able to catch up on the latest fall outfit ideas, no worries, we’ve got you covered. Try out the following Instagram-worthy looks for your fall wardrobe.

1. Silk or plaid poncho cape: 

This fall is all about wearing clothes with a pop of color mixed with comfort, and nothing speaks comfort better than a poncho. It is hard to fit all those layers in a jacket to beat the chilly air, which is exactly why you should adorn a plaid poncho for an effortless high-fashion look. You can also pull your poncho cape over pull-on leggings or high-waist pants to balance the voluminous look. We recommend a length that compliments your body’s shape and is thin knitted. Cable knit patterns, plaid, and prints look amazing on curvy ladies. 

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2. Embellished loose denim: 

Denim looks are both timeless and effortless. While skinny jeans and tight shorts have long been in fashion, this fall season, we are going back to voluminous and relaxed. Mom jeans, women’s plus size boyfriend jeans, boot cut, and baggy dad style jeans are the new street style with plenty of embellishments. We are also seeing unique cuts, and even though they are not as curve-hugging as skinny jeans, you can balance them out with fit crop strapless tops. Some of the biggest jeans winners this season are barrel leg, asymmetric, upcycled, white denim, and ace high wide jeans. 

3. Long-sleeve bodysuits and jumpsuits: 

Curvy women look gorgeous in curve-hugging bodysuits and chic jumpsuits. Since fall is almost here, long puffy sleeves are making a comeback, and so is lace. We are seeing polo neck, boat neck, printed, monochrome, millennial pink, and tank bodysuits this season with lots of floral prints and patterns. Along with bodysuits, jumpsuits are also becoming a go-to killer casual look for plus women because it is a done-in-one ensemble that you can easily pair with chic sneakers, jewelry, and an overcoat. 

4. Midi dresses: 

Midi dresses with checkered prints or bold patterns are easily becoming a statement piece for plus-size women this fall. Let’s face it; sometimes, we want to be in our comfort zone with a less glamorous and skin-showing outfit, especially in the chilly weather. Midi dresses paired with leather boots or statement heels and a hat give off an extremely rich boho-chic vibe, which will also reflect the fashionista in you. We are also seeing a lot of long sleeve casual midi dresses with stripes and unique patterns. 

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5. Denim skirts: 

Another timeless fashion piece that is back this fall is denim skirts. Whether long or short, denim skirts are making a comeback on the warmer side of your fall outfits. Rock your fall style with a ripped jean skirt and a cozy and cute off-the-shoulder knitted sweater. Complete your look with a pair of combat boots or comfy sneakers and a leather clutch. For a more sophisticated look, just go for a ruffled top or puffy statement sleeves with a high-waist denim skirt and some go-to wedges. 

6. Checkered prints and bold patterns: 

As discussed above, patterns and prints are on the top of the fashion trends this year. From printed pants to jackets and scarves, we are seeing plus-size fashion goddesses rocking unique prints that are now becoming part of mainstream casual and high-end looks. We are seeing many floral prints like the floral dress Kelly Clarkson wore in The Kelly Clarkson Show, which she rocked with a woven belt. Over-sized pattern scarves and printed jackets with a pop of color are also popular this season. Our advice, go as bright as possible! 

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7. Off the shoulder dresses:

There is no doubt about the fact that curvy ladies look breathtaking in off-the-shoulder dresses and tops. One look that we have been drooling over is the off-the-shoulder little black dress with a bold colored bralette, some jeggings, and heels. You can even go with a ruffled off-the-shoulder top and pair it with a sexy mini skirt or a mid-length striped skirt. Want a look that can work for both the office and streets? Try pairing formal jeans or a skirt with a twofer top, which is a fun twist on formal shirts. 

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8. Fitted Maxi dress and statement blouse: 

Even though oversized clothing is the trend of the season, we don’t always want to hide those curves, do we? Instead of a cute strapless loose maxi dress, opt for a bold long-sleeve maxi that is fit enough to hug your every curve. Make a killer statement at a party or a get-together with an orange-fit maxi dress with strappy heels, a little bling, and a faux fur coat. Speaking of statement clothing pieces, printed blouses paired with leather skirts or pants are also ‘in’ this season. We also recommend high-waisted bottoms with a ruffled or puffy-sleeve pattern blouse. 

9. Crop tops and leggings: 

Leggings are completing almost all fall looks for plus-size ladies because they can seamlessly balance out the voluminous layers on top. You can throw on a poncho or a loose midi dress and pair it with comfortable leggings, and you are good to go in the chilly weather. Even though you can put together multiple looks with a legging, the one we are rooting for is leggings with knitted cropped sweaters. These will look extremely ravishing because they put together chic, fashion, comfort, and style all in a single look. Throw in accessories like scrunchies, backpacks, and knee-high boots, and voila!


It is about time curvy women and their fashion is given the same attention as conventional sizes and clothing. We are seeing some incredibly high-fashion and strong looks from plus-size women, influencers, and celebrities. So, if you are out of ideas for your fall wardrobe, then check out our top outfits stated above, which contain everything from skirts to jumpsuits that you can this season. These outfits are comfy, fashionable, and give off extremely positive vibes, so give them a shot.

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