Chinese movies offer a great depiction of Chinese culture through great visual effects. In a world full of OTT platforms Chinese movies are not easily available with English subtitles but IFVOD TV was able to provide a seamless experience of watching free Chinese movies with English subtitles with very few ads.

However, IFVOD was unable to continue its legacy throughout these years and was permanently shut down by the authorities. If you were also a fan of watching movies on IFVOD, we’ve got you covered. We have curated a list of the best IFVOD Alternatives you can use in 2023 to watch Chinese movies with English subtitles. 

IFVOD TV is not Working?

IFVOD Not working and its alternatives.

Yes, you heard it right. IFVOD TV is gone and buried in the ground. IFVOD gained its popularity amongst its users for many reasons. Great UI, fewer ads, a big library of movies, English subtitles, a faster server for better streaming, and much more. It was accessible on Android, Windows as well as Mac which is very rare. However, let’s jump straight to the working alternatives of IFVOD which provide close to similar streaming experiences to IFVOD TV.

IFVOD TV Alternatives in 2023

The list below contains some of the best IFVOD alternatives you should check out. However, we understand that there are certain things you must know before jumping to the alternatives.

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Reasons to Use IFVOD Alternatives

Unfortunately, the demise of IFVOD has already given some valid reasons to look for IFVOD like websites or apps. Let’s elaborate on them.

  1. Lack of Trust

Let’s know why there was a lack of trust in IFVOD. The website’s or app’s connection was barely secure and it was prone to be hacked and the users were at high risk of losing their private data. Losing your private data to an OTT platform is a big red flag. However, the alternatives mentioned below use a secure connection to protect your data from being stolen.

  1. IFVOD App Crashes

IFVOD app was designed on a cheaper base with low-quality codes. It was not supported on multiple devices and keeps on crashing while you enjoy your favorite Chinese movie. Isn’t that a big turn-off?

  1. Inappropriate Ads

The ads on the website and app were not target based. You will be shown some vaguely inappropriate ads irrespective of your age and preferences. Although the frequency was low the ads were too unprofessional.

  1. Low Content Update Frequency

The app updates were too continuous but the content on the platform was updated very slowly. We always expect the latest content to watch but that was a disappointment in the case of IFVOD.

Best IFVOD Alternatives to Watch Movies


Let’s start with the #1 spot on IFVOD Alternatives i.e. iQIYI. iQIYI International is a video-streaming service that offers pan-Asian entertainment to audiences around the world. A cutting-edge technology platform that delivers premium drama series, movies, variety shows, and anime in local languages and subtitles, iQIYI International offers both ad-supported and VIP subscription services.

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The technology of iQIYI International is also available through SaaS partnerships for other entertainment services. iQIYI and its services can be enjoyed on any device via iQ.com and the app. The app and website work seamlessly which was not the case with IFVOD which makes it the number 1 alternative to IFVOD.

Mango TV

2nd. position is undoubtedly held by Mango TV. It offers a “multi-screen-in-one”  exclusive broadcast. Mango TV is the only internet video platform under Hunan Broadcasting System. Earlier in the market as Happy go, it was renamed Mango Excellent Media in July 2018. The UI is one of a kind with super easy navigation which was not the case with IFVOD. One of the most unique features it offers on its video player is modifying your playback speed. You can set it to 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x Etc. IFVOD player was pretty basic and did not offer playback speed modification.


Number 3 Spot is gained by IYF TV. The reason behind it gaining the 3rd spot is, it offers a perfect app solution for PC (Windows, macOS), TV, and mobile (IOS, Android). It is widely famous for providing its services to over 60 million users across China. As we mentioned above the IFVOD app was not always working and was not also available on all platforms. However, the IYF TV app offers suitability in all 3 major terminals. Let’s jump to the fourth alternative.


56.com is one of a kind website that offers the widest variety of services. Some of its key services are original in-house production, 56 Premiere, College Image Force, 56 short video serials, and my show. Video sharing on its apps is a piece of cake, unlike any other platform. This makes it a worthy alternative to IFVOD.

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Last but not least is We TV. A super easy UI, easy navigation, better video quality, and no ads. Isn’t it all you look for in a video streaming platform? We TV has it all and I guarantee that your worthy time won’t be wasted in searching for a better alternative to IFVOD when you have We TV brought to you by us.

Enjoy the Best Videos on IFVOD Alternatives

I hope that this list provides you with the best IFVOD-like sites and apps and satisfies your need to enjoy Chinese movies. With regards to shutting down IFVOD, these alternatives will everlast to keep you entertained.

Have any more recommendations to be added to this list, let us know in the comments below.

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