When illness comes to the family, many things change: there is a redistribution of roles, adjustments in the daily routine, and, perhaps, some familiar rituals. During these days, all attention is focused on helping both the loved one, who is in a difficult situation, and yourself to mobilize and cope with what is happening.

Share Your Feelings

It is unnecessary to withdraw into yourself and shut yourself off from the world. Discuss with your relatives how you feel about your relative’s illness, share your worries – all family members experience a lot of emotions when they are ill. By talking through your inner states, you help both yourself and your loved ones to go through a difficult, new stage of life. If you do not share feelings, but only accumulate them, sooner or later they will break out, and the consequences can be irreparable: conflicts, hysterics, and psychosomatic diseases.

Accept Help

Do not be ashamed to ask for help and accept it when it is offered. You are in a crisis situation and need support, and that’s okay.

Live Your Life as Normal

This is difficult because your life situation has changed. Try to make everyday life as close to your normal routine as possible: take up hobbies, invite guests,  socialize with friends, and even bet live on 20Bet if you enjoy it. If possible, include the affected family member in shared time together and not leave him or her alone when others are doing something together.

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Learn How to Take Care of the Sick Person

And teach it to all family members according to their abilities. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Involve caregivers and assistants, because good quality care is important, and not doing the right thing can cause pain and harm.

Take Care of the Psychological Climate in the Family

The support of loving people can work wonders and help one another to get through the most seemingly hopeless situations. Take care of each other, spend time together, be creative, play games, watch movies and talk about important things. Illness is no reason to forbid smiles and joy, do not make your home a place of pain and grief, this will only exacerbate the already difficult period.

Take Care of Yourself

The familiar example of the airplane mask works here, too. To be able to help someone, you must first take care of yourself. Allocate time for your own rest and take care of your health and psychological state. In a difficult situation in life, people need support, and there is no need to be ashamed of this. If you can’t cope with your worries and emotions on your own, see a psychologist.

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