When it comes to sending text messages or SMS, what comes to mind is the importance of having a cell phone or smartphone. But that isn’t the case every time. 

You can send and receive text messages on your computer or smartphone without using your phone number. However, you need your recipient’s phone number or other contact details and your message’s content. 

On the other hand, you can also use VPNs for some anonymous texting software. For a start, VPNs can be used with Textnow, which makes your cell phone untraceable and your privacy secured. 

You can text just about anyone once you have their phone number through these means:

  1. Use Online Anonymous Texting Websites

There are many websites with the sole purpose of transferring your messages without leaking your private data. You’ll find different options if you open your web browser and search for ‘anonymous texting websites.’ 

All you need to do is find a website you feel comfortable using and sign up for an account with them. Other steps may be involved in the sign-up, like location or age. Once you pass through the basic safety checks, you can start using the website.

After you sign up, you’re ready to send text messages without giving away personal information. To send a message through this service, you must go to their website and enter the recipient’s phone number or email in their contact form. 

As a result, the recipient will receive an SMS with your message shortly after. They may even confirm that they want to continue receiving texts from your source.

  1. Use A Spy App
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You can also use a spy app to send text messages from a burner phone, dummy phone number, or temporary number. This is the most flexible option because you can use it to get your message across in any way. 

For example, if you’re not getting a response from your partner while using your actual phone number, you can use a spy app. You can change your message so it comes from another number and wait for them to fall for it. 

On the other hand, you can also stay anonymous through a spy app even if they try to track the source. This is why some suggest using VPNs for this purpose. Through a spy app, your data, as well as the source of the message, is protected. In addition, any tracking device or hacker will have difficulty finding the sender.

  1. Using A Telephone Service

If you don’t have a phone number to use, or if your phone number is out of service, there are still ways to send and receive text messages. One option is to use free telephone services. Free telephone services allow you to use one number for all your calls. 

You can make and receive calls through this means, via the internet or their app. It’s beneficial if you often travel for work or want an easy way to keep tabs on loved ones who may be away from home frequently. The significant benefit here is that since it’s handled over voice networks, you can call anyone else using the service with just a few taps on your screen. 

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In addition, some telephone services offer neat features like voicemail transcription, which reads back incoming messages. However, you may avoid this feature if you don’t want your recipient to listen to your voice and identify the source.

  1. Use Social Media Sites

You can also use social media sites to send texts. This method is very similar to the one above, but you’ll need to get creative with your fake names and numbers. 

If you’ve ever created a profile on one of these sites, you know that they’ll ask for your name and phone number when you sign up. You should be able to use either option as long as it’s not too outlandish or unbelievable. Of course, you don’t want your fake account linked to an actual cell phone number or email address. This will jeopardize the efforts to stay in the shadows.

Meanwhile, if those don’t work out, there are more online tools available for this purpose. Some apps are available for download on any phone or laptop you use. These apps allow you to stay incognito while exchanging messages with someone. However, you need to find them online.


You can send text messages without using your phone number. Whether you’re craving privacy or want to see the world from a different perspective, there are ways to take back control of your identity and make it harder for others to intrude on your personal space. 

A genuinely unknown phone number can go a long way towards protecting your data. Sometimes, it even helps prevent harassment and abuse by blocking out unwanted contact.

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