If you think that moving is hard then you don’t know half of it when you don’t have a pet. Changing homes can cause anxiety in pets and its owners alike and getting things right during the process of moving can mean the difference of having a good moving experience and a bad one. 

If you are moving to NYC with your pets, there are added complexities as you are not only worrying about yourself and your property, you are also worried about your furry one. Without experience and prior research, it can be tough moving to a big city such as the big apple. It doesn’t have to be a bad experience though. These 5 tips will guide you on how to move to New York hassle free with your pet. 

  • Preparation is key

One of the reasons why pet owners and pets find moving to be such a hassle is often due to lack of preparation.  Take time to ease into packing early on before moving day to avoid last minute rush and panicking. Pets are extremely perceptive and they can sense when you are stressed and anxious and they can also mirror that anxiety. The last thing you want is your pet acting up out of anxiety on moving day. 

Make sure to slow down with the packing and slowly ease them into the routine. You may need to put them in a cage for a long period during moving day, therefore ensure that you get them used to the cage before that day. If possible, leave their favorite space intact while you pack the other belonging so that they have a familiar place to retreat to when they start to feel anxious. 

  • Be informed about licenses, laws and rules of your new home
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Before moving with your pet, it is important to check the laws and regulations of NYC and the district you are moving into. For instance, in New York, there are regulations on picking up after your dog when in public places and even restrictions on places you cannot bring your dog to. Also, you will likely need to show documents stating that your pet is being licensed, vaccinated and inspected regularly. The vaccines, medication and certificates may differ in New York than your current home so ensure you do your research before moving with your pet. You can contact the local animal control agency to answer all your questions. 

Then there is the issue of landlords. Unless you are moving into your own home, always check with your landlord and building caretakers before renting out a place. You do not want to have to part ways with your pet or sneak them around because they are not allowed in the building. Always ensure that your type of pet are allowed to stay before you sign the lease to avoid having to choose between your pet and your newly found home. 

  • Talk to your vet about moving and find a new one in New York

 When moving to NYC with your pet, one of the first things to do is to inform you vet about the move. If you have a pet that is prone to getting anxious or doesn’t like to travel, then your vet will be able to offer some advice on how to go about the whole moving process. They can also prescribe medication that can make travelling less difficult for them. 

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It is also important to find and speak to a new veterinarian before your big move. Your current vet might be able to recommend one or two of their colleagues to you. Speak to them before the move and set up an appointment immediately you move in to check the health of your pet. If your pet has not had a checkup in a long time, then it’s best to visit a vet before moving day. This will set your mind at ease with your pet’s health. 

If you are moving by road, then it’s best to check emergency vet services on your route that you can visit if anything goes wrong with your pet during the move. A few hours delay can cost your pet its life.  

  • Get a pet mover

One thing that can take the edge off is having a pet moving company or movers nyc take care of the move for you. This way, you can focus on moving the rest of your things and be rest assured that your furry companion is in safe hands. They will safely move your pet from your current home to your new home without a hassle. 

  • Get settled in

Once you get to your new home, immediately set up the space for your pet preferably in a room separate from all the moving boxes and chaos. Put out all their favorite toys, food trays and bed. Allow them to explore the rest of the house as soon as you are done unpacking so that they can begin to familiarize themselves with the space. 

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