How to Install (DIRECTV Stream) AT&T TV on Samsung, LG, Vizio & Android Smart TVs

Similar to phones Smart TVs are the latest fashion. They allow you to download applications, play games or browse the internet as well as watch TV shows and movies as well as make calls on the internet, and more. DIRECTV now is one of the smart TV applications which can stream live and on-demand content to your device for the cost of a subscription. Follow the instructions in this article to download and set up AT&T TV on your Smart TV (Samsung, Sony, Vizio, LG, and Android Smart TV).

While all the Smart TVs are identical to each other, the process necessary in order to set up the DIRECTV the NOW app on specific smart TVs can differ in accordance with the brand. The name that is given to AT&T TV is always a puzzle. At first, it was called DIRECTV Now. It was later changed to AT&T TV. It is now changed to DIRECTV streaming.

How to Install (DIRECTV Stream) AT&T TV on Samsung Smart TV

As with Apple smartphones that run iOS, Samsung also has its own OS for their smart TVs called Tizen OS. On the Samsung TV, it comes with its own app store, named Samsung Apps, where you can download games and apps similar to the Google Play Store.

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(1) Open the Samsung Apps application on your smart TV.

(2). The Search bar is located on the left-hand right side. Select the Search bar and type DIRECTV NOW, AT&T TV, or the DIRECTV stream.

(3) The search results appear on the right-hand edge of your screen. Select the DIRECTV Stream application.

(4) The next page will appear, you can click to download. When you click Download it will begin the download.

(5) After the download is completed Click the Run button in order to launch the AT&T TV application.

How to Installing AT&T TV application to Android TV (Sony, Mi Box, NVIDIA Shield TV)

It’s easy to use your DIRECTV Stream (AT&T TV) application for Android TV. The Android smart TVs run with the Android TV OS, which is quite like Android smartphones. The majority of Google apps are installed to Android TV OS. Android TV. Smart TVs such as Sony, Mi Box, and NVIDIA Shield TV are just a few of the TVs running on the Android TV OS.

(1) Go to your Google Play Store on your smart TV.

(2) In your search box, enter DIRECTV Now or AT&T TV or DIRECTV streaming. Select one of the DIRECTV Stream apps on the results that you search for.

(3). On the following screen press”Install” on your next screen.

(4) After the app has been installed, simply click the Open button and launch the application onto the Android TV. TV.

How to Installing AT&T TV application on LG Smart TV

LG Smart TV has WebOS on its smart TVs. WebOS is also known as LG WebOS is a Linux kernel designed specifically for TVs with smart features.

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The DIRECTV stream application (AT&T TV) isn’t yet available for LG Smart TVs. LG Smart TV has its own app store which is called LG Content Store. Within the app store, there isn’t any application named DIRECTV stream as well as it’s the AT&T app.

If you’d like to play the AT&T app on Your LG Smart TV, you can cast the app with your smartphone or your computer. LG Smart TV has both the Screen Share feature and AirPlay feature that allows casting using smartphones and computers.

Instructions for Installing (DIRECTV Stream) AT&T TV app for Vizio Smart TV

DIRECTV Stream app is not available for Vizio Smart TV too, however, it is possible to use the app on your Vizio Smart TV.

You can connect your smartphone directly to your Vizio Smart TV using the VIZIO SmartCast Mobile app. It is available for as well Android as well as iOS smartphones. Install the app and then cast the app onto the screen of your Vizio Smart TV.

Instructions for Installing (DIRECTV stream) AT&T TV on Roku TV

Smart TVs such as Philips, TCL, JVC, Sharp, and Hisense TVs will come with a Roku-powered OS. The interface of this Roku TV OS will be identical to Roku streaming gadgets. With Roku Channel Store Roku Channel Store you can download games and apps.

(1) If you have a Roku TV, go to the streaming Channels option.

(2) The Roku Channel Store will appear. Select Search Channels.

(3) Then you need to type DIRECTV stream and then search for it.

(4) Choose the DIRECTV stream app, then click to add a Channel button.

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(5) Click on the Go to channel button to open the DIRECTV Stream application to Your Roku TV.

(6) Log in using your DIRECTV credentials and stream your preferred video.

How to Install AT&T TV (DIRECTV Stream) on Fire TV

In certain Smart TV, Toshiba and Insignia are equipped with Fire TV OS. It’s similar to Amazon Fire TV Stick.

(1) On the screen of your Fire TV (Toshiba or Insignia) Go through The Find tile.

(2) Click on the Search option, and then look up the DIRECTV Stream application.

(3) Choose the DIRECTV stream app and then press the button to get.

(4) Then, press the Open button and launch the DIRECTV streaming application to the Fire TV.

(5) Login using your DIRECTV credentials.

(6) You can play any of the videos as well as live television channels available from the app and stream these on Fire TV.

This is the method you use to install the DIRECTV Stream (AT&T TV) app on your smart TV. If your TV does not come with the app, you can cast the app on your phone. Smart TVs all have their own casting apps which is preinstalled, or available through an official store for apps.

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