A landing page (so-called landing page) is a page created for the needs of a given marketing campaign. The landing page is used to attract new customers on the web. How to create an effective landing page that will attract potential customers to take advantage of your offer? Here are the essential tips to help you build an effective landing page.

Landing page – what is it and what types are there?

A landing page is a website where a potential customer takes a specific action (e.g., getting to know the details of your offer, submitting an inquiry, or finally making a purchase). Landing pages take many forms. Most often, it is a form of a survey, registration form, or competition application. A landing page can meet various marketing assumptions. Depending on the purpose, we divide landing pages, including on:  

  1. Click Through RateClick Through

The website presents only a part of the offer and redirects users to a more extensive website. This is where customers can find more information about the product (e.g., price, availability) and purchase. According to the website, Click Through Rate is to arouse recipients’ interest and encourage them to move on and take a specific action (i.e., make a purchase).. 

  1. Lead Generation

This type of landing page is used to collect the contact details of recipients. The goal here is to create a mailing database of potential customers interested in your offer and who want to receive more information on this topic. The rules lead generator encourages users to enter their e-mail address to subscribe to the newsletter or download free materials (e-book, report, etc.). People who give their consent will receive regular marketing information about promotions, offers, etc.  

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What are the goals of the landing page?

Your landing page will not be effective if it does not have a marketing goal to fulfill. Thanks to the assumptions made in advance, you can easily create the correct type of content. Here are some examples of goals for a landing page:

  • purchasing a product,
  • providing an e-mail address (e.g. by subscribing to the newsletter),
  • filling out the contact form,
  • sending an inquiry,
  • registering and creating an account.

What characterizes an effective landing page? 

To fulfill its role, an effective landing page must be created according to a few rules: 

  • Catchy headline 

This is the first element of a landing page that can catch the user’s attention. Even the most substantive content will not fulfill its role if the headline is uninteresting and uninviting. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to creating a convincing headline that will interest the recipient. Our advice? Already in the headline, you should include the most important benefit that the customer will gain thanks to your offer. 

  • Clear design

A good landing page requires an attractive design to arouse customer interest in your offer. Landing page appearance must be attractive and at the same time adapted to the requirements of your industry. Therefore, it is worth betting on a modern design that will be aesthetic and will appeal to your target group. 

  • Convincing Call To Action

The CTA (Call-To-Action) button is the so-called call to act in line with the campaign’s goal. It is a short and clear command for the customer, such as: “Order here”, “Try”, “Subscribe”. Make sure to highlight the CTA button on your landing page, e.g. with a distinctive color so that it does not escape your audience’s attention.  

  • Intuitive navigation
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An effective landing page will guide a potential customer through the most critical stages of your offer. The landing page should be structured so that users navigate through it properly, step by step, to finally perform the action that is the primary marketing assumption of the campaign, e.g., subscribe to a newsletter or purchase a product.

How to create a landing page in 3 steps

An effective landing page that will allow you to achieve your goals should, above all, attract the attention of recipients and encourage them to take appropriate action. How to build a landing page that will fulfill its role and bring the expected results? Here are the 3 steps necessary to create an effective landing page:

  1. Do your research

Gather as much information as possible about the competition and current trends in web design and internet marketing. Track the best successful companies in your industry. Collect various ideas and choose the best that will appeal to your target group – this will allow you to create a really attractive landing page that will result in good sales results. 

  1. Plan individual sections

The landing page should be legible above all. The entire page layout must be visible and draw the user’s attention to the most critical moments in the text (e.g., Call-To-Action). Therefore, it is worth planning what content should be included in each section so that the reader can quickly and easily find the information that interests him. Navigating the landing page should be intuitive and easy (i.e., no redundant links or links). Otherwise, the user may get lost on your website, and their attention will be diverted from the adopted marketing goal.

  1. Prepare your content
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When describing a product or service, the message is essential. A short description of the offer and focusing on the advantages will bring the expected results. Include only the most critical information that is the main goal of the campaign. It is better to avoid too-long texts – it may discourage users from going through the entire content and reading your offer. Remember to highlight key phrases. Use bolds and bullets in the text – thanks to this, the reader will focus his eyes on the most important fragments.

Create your own landing page in BOWWE!

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