TOLEDO, Ohio — Wednesday will bring warm and windy weather. A southerly breeze gusting up to 35 mph will lift temperatures close to 50°! As a cold front approaches from the west, rain showers will develop after dark. Rain will become steadier late this evening and tonight.

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Southerly winds will gust up to 40 mph or so today.

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Christmas Eve Cold Front
As the cold front drops temperatures to the 30s, rain will gradually transition to snow by the morning of Christmas Eve! You may wake up to a dusting of snow Thursday morning. Light snow will continue through midday Thursday, tapering off by the afternoon.

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Credit: WTOL
Chance for a White Christmas
The chances of snow for Christmas keep increasing! Most of us will see around 1″ or less by Christmas morning. Additional snow showers are possible on Christmas Day.

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Credit: WTOL
A chilly breeze will sweep in on Christmas Day, and wind chills could dip down into the single-digits. High temperatures on Friday will only reach the low to mid-20s, but it will feel considerably colder due to the west wind. You may see a few snow flurries on Christmas, but snow accumulations will remain little to none.

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Temperatures will warm up slightly the weekend after Christmas. It may warm up enough for another rain chance on Sunday.

An outlook of the upcoming winter season:
Before the sun sets in the year 2020, the beginning of winter will be yet another thing to look forward to.

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The simple mention of snow stirs a lot of emotion. Some love it, and others, not so much.

A forecast for an entire winter season can be complex and challenging. It’s similar to baking a cake. If you forget the butter or sugar, the cake will be a bust.

Similar to weather, you may have many of the ingredients that give clues to how this season may turn out. But if they don’t all come together just right, the outcome may be quite different.

Click here to learn how Chris Vickers analyzed all these “ingredients” along with the La Niña pattern and how they can influence the season this year.

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