TOLEDO, Ohio — A weaker storm system will sweep into the area and bring a chance of light rain into the night. It will be breezy with the lowest temperatures above freezing in most locations.

Tuesday will be mild.

The warmest day of the week will be Wednesday ahead of a powerful cold front. South winds will become gusty on Wednesday with highs to around 50 degrees.

With temperatures well above freezing, this system will start off with a chance of rainfall on Wednesday.

Overnight, a chilly rain will continue, possibly mixing in with wet snowflakes.

This system could bring snowfall during the morning of Christmas Eve. A light blanket of snow is possible for the holidays.

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Behind that storm system, bitterly cold weather will arrive for Christmas Day. Temperatures will only reach the 20s with flurries.

Grab the winter coat and bundle up around the fireplace.

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Credit: WTOL 11
Tonight: Chance of rain, breezy. Lows middle 30s.
Tuesday: Partly sunny, mild. Highs low 40s.
Wednesday: Warmer and a bit windy, chance of rain. Highs near 50.
Thursday: Sharply colder, snow showers likely. Highs early near 30.
Friday (Christmas Day): Cold and breezy, flurries. Highs in the 20s.
Saturday: Partly sunny, cold. Highs near 30.
Sunday: Chance of rain. Highs middle and upper 30s.

SATURN & JUPITER – Christmas star
The two planets will be officially in conjunction on Monday!

It will likely not be visible Monday due to clouds, rain and snow chances. It can be seen in the southwest sky if conditions are right.

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On Dec. 21, the Winter Solstice, an extremely rare “Great Conjunction” between Saturn and Jupiter will occur. To the eye, the two planets will be close enough to appear as one “brilliant star” for the first time since the Middle Ages. (0.1° separation)

You’d have to go all the way back to just before dawn on March 4, 1226, to see a closer alignment between these objects visible in the night sky.

this day in history
this day in history
this day in history

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It’s thought by some—including legendary German astronomer Johannes Kepler—that the “star of Bethlehem” in the story of the Magi or “three wise men” could have been this rare planetary conjunction or similar triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Venus.

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An outlook of the upcoming winter season:
Before the sun sets in the year 2020, the begging of winter will be yet another thing to look forward to.

The simple mention of snow stirs a lot of emotion. Some love it, and others, not so much.

A forecast for an entire winter season can be complex and challenging. It’s similar to baking a cake. If you forget the butter or sugar, the cake will be a bust.

Similar to weather, you may have many of the ingredients that give clues to how this season may turn out. But if they don’t all come together just right, the outcome may be quite different.

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