Unfortunately, in 2021 there’s no escaping electromagnetic (EMF) pollution. 

Globalization has led to extraordinary levels of EMF pollution around the globe, and people are only now starting to realize the devastating effect it’s having on individuals and the climate. 

But what is EMF, and should you care? Well, if you’re not keyed in about EMF pollution, then it’s time to learn – it may be the reason for health conditions and adverse side effects that you disregard every day. 

Read on to learn about EMF pollution protection. 

1. What Is EMF Pollution?

EMFs are invisible areas of energy that come from both natural and artificial lighting. It’s often referred to as ‘radiation,’ and some EMFs are more harmful than others. 

Emf pollution and radiation are grouped into two categories: ionizing and non-ionizing. 

Ionizing radiation cause can cause cellular and DNA damage as it’s high-level radiation. Ionizing radiation is found in radioactive waste, X-rays, and ultraviolet radiation. 

Non-ionizing radiation is less harmful but can still cause adverse effects. Microwaves, computers, phones, and powerlines all emit non-ionizing radiation. 

2. What Are EMF Pollution Symptoms?

Excessive EMF exposure can lead to a plethora of unwanted symptoms. Low-level exposure is difficult to diagnose, and more research is needed into the exact levels of pollution that cause adverse effects. 

The most common symptoms are: 

  • sleeping disturbance
  • headaches or migraines 
  • lethargy and brain fog
  • depression
  • dizziness 
  • memory problems 
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However, each of these symptoms is also associated with many other health conditions, so diagnosis is difficult. Unless you’ve been exposed to high-level radiation, testing is not commonly done. Instead, a diagnosis will be made based on an assessment of symptoms.

If you think you’re experiencing EMF toxicity, you should always talk to your healthcare provider.

3. What Are the EMF Pollution Solutions? 

If you’re exposed to ionizing radiation (e.g., Xrays, tanning beds, or radioactive waste), there will be legal measures to ensure you aren’t exposed for too long. 

However, there are fewer protective measures in place to ensure your safety for non-ionizing radiation. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help.

First, when talking on a cell phone, try keeping it on loudspeaker away from your ear. 

Next, get into the habit of turning off appliances when they aren’t in use and invest in a dirty electricity filter to reduce emissions from the electrics in your home. 

Finally, if you live near a powerline you suspect may be causing problems, you can request a technician to come and test radiation levels in your area. 

Invest in Your Health: Protect Yourself From EMF Pollution 

That’s the basics of EMF pollution – now you know more about EMF, the symptoms or prolonged exposure, and protective solutions. 

By making a few small changes today, you can protect yourself and your family from health complications down the line. 

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