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Once a remote desert city in the Arabian Gulf, Dubai today has claimed its rightful position as one of the best tourist destinations and fastest-growing business hubs in the world and the Numero Uno in attracting foreign investments in the UAE through business set up in Dubai.

In 2021, known to be the year of reforms, the country witnessed several economic policy reforms and a series of amendments to the existing laws including the 50 projects initiative to boost economic growth. The huge $1.36 billion fund infusion to priority sectors also acted as an industry and economic stimulus in a great way.

Partnership with Emirates Development Bank was initiated to enhance financial support in the smart technology space including AI, ML, IoT, and Big Data and easy transition towards 5G for greater internet connectivity. Dubai went 100% paperless in its journey to digitization, merged finance and tourism, aligned the work week with global standards and simplified and incentivized Dubai company incorporation for achieving an enviable target of attracting 100,000 companies over the next three years.

Why should you plan to invest in Dubai?

Being the gateway to the European, Middle East and African markets; the emirate offers myriad opportunities and a conducive business environment to the investors including several Dubai Online Business opportunities. The top 10 reasons that drive entrepreneurs to look for a business-set-up-in-Dubai include the following.

  • Strategic Location
  • No Minimum Capital Investment Requirement
  • No Corporate Tax
  • Growing Economy and Many Business Opportunities
  • No Restrictions on Currencies
  • Many Types of Business Activities and Available Licenses
  • Ease of Compliance
  • Ease of Availability of Work Visas
  • 100% Foreign Ownership
  • Full Repatriation of Capital and Profit
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What are the 10 most promising online business opportunities in Dubai?

Online businesses are very popular and lucrative in Dubai with millions of customers making online visits every day. These businesses are easy and simple to set up and you can just start quickly, maybe in a few days. Online businesses don’t need high initial capital and typically, minimum investment to start business in Dubai is around 15K in this mode.

Digital Marketing Agency Business

Digital marketing is one of the most promising Dubai-Online-Business-opportunities today as the UAE has more active internet users than many other countries in the world. As per Datareportal, at the start of 2022, the country’s internet penetration stood at 99% unfolding the immense potential for online marketers and their clients.

If you have the required skills and expertise in digital marketing, an agency can be a very viable proposition. Everything that is needed is a trade license with a website and workplace. Once the client base grows, your earnings can be spectacular with minimum impact of overhead costs on this business.

Online Activity Booking Platform Business

The tours and activities sector is one of the most prominent business sectors in Dubai with significant market size. The travel and tourism sector has started gaining huge momentum in Dubai once the pandemic started subsiding. It now stands out as the most opportune time to participate in the Dubai tourism marketplace with an online booking platform. 

You can engage in ticket selling to local attractions including sightseeing, skydiving, and reservation packages at local hotels, casinos, restaurants, and bars. Once you can book these activities, you can earn a decent commission. You may need more initial investment if you would like to go for an online activity booking software customized to your requirements.

Consultancy Service Business

There has been a huge surge in demand for consulting services in Dubai as several new companies are getting incorporated requiring advisory services in the field of technology, finance, accounts, marketing etc. Newly incorporated companies often outsource such services to keep their fixed costs in check. Skilled and expert consultants are in high demand and starting a consultancy business can be considered one of the most lucrative and profitable online business opportunities.

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Grocery and Food Delivery App Building Business

Dubai’s online grocery and food delivery business has been witnessing steady growth in line with the increasing global trends for purchasing these items online. The covid pandemic acted as an accelerator and since then the market is only trending upwards. If you have good coding and app development skills then you can design and build an app to connect the supply and demand side of this business. Dubai is home to many ex-pats who are single and need food delivery from cloud kitchens and eateries daily using such apps.

Web Design and Development Business

There are thousands of Dubai-company-incorporations every year and all these new companies need their websites. If you are skilled at web design and development, it could be a very promising business with long term prospects of website maintenance and continual development.

Tutoring Business

The trend to switch over to online learning is growing at an incredible pace all over the world and Dubai is no exception with surging demand for supplementary education, recapitulation during examinations and learning new subjects and skills. Pandemic put this demand for online tutors on an exponential trajectory and even after the abatement of covid, students are still choosing online tutors for added flexibility and convenience. As we are advancing in technology, many new areas of learning are becoming vital and still increasing the demand for online tutors. If you are good in science, maths and commerce and are adept at communicating in other languages, there exists ample scope with no dearth of demand in this business.

Freelance Writing Business

The freelance writing business is another promising online business option in Dubai. If you have creative writing skills and have an expanding network with good writers, you can venture into freelance writing, commonly known as SEO business. As you grow in your business, you can switch over to other more value-added writing services including editing and copywriting business.

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E-Commerce Business

Embarking in an e-commerce business by opening an online shop is a very viable and lucrative option in Dubai with a sectoral market capitalization exceeding more than $ 10 billion. Starting an online shop is simple if you have the license from DED, an active and stable internet and products that your customers wish to buy. An online pet care shop in Dubai can be especially rewarding in this space. 

Yoga and Fitness Training Business

We, as a race, are increasingly becoming more health-conscious and more so, after the recent pandemic. Demand for online health and fitness trainers is continuously growing in Dubai, especially amongst the ex-pat population and if you have the requisite skills and a holistic approach to fitness, starting an online fitness and yoga centre in Dubai can offer tremendous opportunities.

Beauty Brand Business     

Dubai is the land of wealth with most of the consumers being very rich and the majority having a natural inclination toward beauty products. It is considered one of the best marketplaces for luxury beauty products to thrive and create high demand. 

There are many options to choose from in the beauty brand business including Haircare, Skincare and Fragrances to name a few. If you can manage and build a great collection, it could turn out to be an exceptionally rewarding business in Dubai.

The Takeaway

The UAE government is working toward supporting such online businesses as this mode of business is transparent and supportive of the government and contributes greatly to the nation’s economy. 

The most important, however, is getting an appropriate business license from the regulator to Start business in Dubai.

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