If you have been diagnosed with lung cancer, are not a current or former smoker, and have used a Phillips CPAP machine for the treatment of sleep apnea, you may qualify for financial compensation.

Dealing with the long road ahead of you due to your lung cancer diagnosis is going to be hard enough, you shouldn’t have to negotiate the tricky legal world involved with defective medical devices. Leave the legal work to the professionals by retaining the services of a defective medical device lawyer who can assist you in receiving all of the benefits you deserve.

Phillips CPAP Recall

Not long ago, in June of 2021 to be specific, Phillips announced a recall of all of their CPAP machines and some of their mechanical ventilators. This recall was in light of emerging research that has begun to define a link between lung cancer and the use of their products.

What is Causing the Cases of Lung Cancer in Users of These Phillips Products?

Phillips has pointed to the “noise-dampening foam” used in their products that may be degrading and leading to ingestion by users. This foam is suspected to be the cause of the rise in lung cancer cases.

Besides lung cancer, other side effects have been reported including:

  • Skin, eye, and other area irritation. Unusual irritation in any area of the body may be a side effect of a Phillips product.
  • Respiratory difficulty. The development of asthma and other respiratory ailments have been reported as a side effect from the use of Phillips devices.
  • Gastrointestinal Issues. Nausea, vomiting, and other GI issues have been reported as side effects in these cases.
  • Feelings of lightheadedness/dizziness/headaches. Symptoms of dizziness and headaches may be caused by the use of one of these devices.
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What is Needed to Qualify for a Phillips CPAP Lawsuit?

If you have used or are currently using a Phillips BiLevel PAP machine, any of their CPAP machines, or certain models of Phillips mechanical ventilators, you should immediately call your doctor and determine your next steps.

After you’ve discussed your concerns with your doctor and they have advised you on your best course of action, you may want to consider consulting with a defective medical device lawyer. Among many other important things, your lawyer will determine if you qualify for a lawsuit. Currently, the list of qualifications being considered for a Phillips CPAP lawsuit includes:

  • The patient must have used of one of the aforementioned Phillips products;
  • The patient must have a diagnosis of lung cancer;
  • The patient is not currently nor was he or she previously a smoker.


If you’ve been diagnosed with lung cancer after using a Phillips device such as a CPAP, a BiLevel CPAP, or certain mechanical ventilators (and are not a current or former smoker), you may quality for a lawsuit. Call a defective device lawyer today if you think you qualify, they are standing by and are ready to consult with you.

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