Can you buy a foreclosed home? 

The answer is “Yes!” 

When you’re wondering how to get a home for cheap, foreclosures come to mind. While these might be considered cheap homes, it’s all relative to the location. What is cheap real estate in California is not cheap for someplace like Kansas. 

A foreclosed home may be much cheaper than buying any other home but they usually come with repairs that can add up. Keep reading to learn how to buy a foreclosed home here. 

First Things First: What is a Foreclosure? 

A home falls into foreclosure when the mortgage on the property is in default. When the owner is behind on the mortgage payments, the lender goes through the process to take over the property. 

In order to try to recoup some of their investment, the lender sells the foreclosed home. These homes often go for less than they’re worth meaning a good deal for the buyer. 

Steps to Buying a Foreclosed Home 

If you want to secure a foreclosed home to flip or keep for your residence, there are some steps to take. Let’s look at what works best. 

1. Know the Market 

When looking at a foreclosed home, determine the price which you can expect to pay and the value of the home following the necessary repairs and updates. 

You don’t want to buy the home and put too much money into it. If you want to build equity or sell it at a profit, you have to be sure that you can fix it up for the right price. 

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2. How to Find Foreclosures 

You can choose a real estate agent who specializes in foreclosed properties or you can buy foreclosed homes directly from the bank, at auctions, or from foreclosure websites. 

There’s often a lot of competition, so you have to be ready to jump on a property that you really want. 

3. Financing a Foreclosure 

The best way to buy this type of home is as an all-cash buyer. FHA 203(k) loans are tailored for properties that need extensive renovations. You can also get a commercial loan sometimes called “fix-and-flip” loans. These loans are specifically designed for those who invest in foreclosed properties. The loan can be used to purchase and renovate homes. 

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Are You Ready to Buy a Foreclosed Home? 

Now that you know how to buy a foreclosed home, is that the path to homeownership you want to take? Remember that foreclosures aren’t as glamorous as they look on tv. They can be extremely profitable or end up being financial disasters. Be smart when choosing a foreclosed home to buy. 

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