TOLEDO, Ohio — It seems as if everything surrounding COVID-19 is uncertain and ever changing. But there’s one thing local doctors are sure of: the COVID-19 vaccine is not meant to cure an active infection.

Meaning, if someone has the virus, getting the shot will not cure them right away.

“The vaccine is designed to prevent people from getting sick with COVID,” said ProMedica’s Dr. Brian Kaminski.

“Giving the vaccine to someone who has an active infection, I wouldn’t necessarily expect that would do anything,” added Dr. James Tita with Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center.

Dr. Kaminski elaborated that, in some cases, getting the vaccine while you are sick with COVID-19 could be dangerous. When you get the vaccine, it takes 12 to 14 days develop a sort of immunity. During that time, you are still susceptible to the virus.

“If you currently have the disease, we definitely don’t recommend you get vaccinated at that time. Not only would it be ineffective, but it might produce some of the side effects we see on top of being ill,” said Dr. Kaminski.

Doctors are estimating 70% of the population will need to get vaccinated in order to achieve herd immunity and drive the virus out of communities.

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Hospital staff, those who live and work in nursing homes and EMS personnel are the only groups eligible to get vaccinated right now.

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Over the weekend a CDC advisory board recommended police, firefighters, teachers and grocery workers to be the next group to get shots.

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