Trends are going towards video. Increasing amounts of people are consuming videos on a daily basis. Whether for a few seconds on social media or for longer on YouTube, video is the way forward for companies looking to bring in new leads and grow awareness of their business. 

Short, animated videos are a great way to get your products in front of more eyes. As your business grows, you will need to tell people how your firm solves a problem for them in a way they can relate to.

The costs of producing video can be off putting for some companies. The trick is to find an animation video company that can represent your business in the best possible light but without breaking the bank. Thinking about what you want and putting an overview together is the best way you can approach it. 

What will your video do?

To stand out and have people watch your videos, they need to be funny or informative. Competition for attention is fierce on social media. Think about some videos that are eye-catching and quickly tell the audience how you can help them. 

You will also want to ensure that your video encourages the viewer to take an action at the end. Signpost where you want them to go next. Offer them a special price to buy now. Or perhaps a free trial, demo or call back. This will depend on the type of product or service you are offering but be bold about the next step to decide. 

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The type of video

Think about your budget and expectations as you get started with your foray into video. Animated video is an excellent choice to kick things off. With it you can draw out the key points of your products and put them into the eyes of the potential buyer. 

Animated video is cheaper to produce than 3D video. It also takes less time to produce and is quicker and easier to put together. 3D video definitely has a role, but it is advisable to start with 2D and work from there. 

2D video is also perfect for showcasing products and providing a quick demo of your solution. After the first video people will want to see what it is they are buying, and a short clip is the perfect way to show them. 

You can also use 2D video to generate web hits through social media. Bitesize 60-second clips on how your products help your target personas solve a problem are perfect for this purpose. Consider a serialized set of 4-5 2D videos that draw out some different benefits each time and keep your viewers interested. 

Consider an agency

Finding the skills to produce 2D video in your marketing team can be difficult. Equally, hiring externally to find a video expert may not be an option right away. 

Prepare a brief of what it is you are looking to produce, and what you are looking for an agency to provide. Then send your brief to a few providers and invite them to a call or meeting. Approach this process with some care because you will want to get the best possible agency for your budget.

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There is a lot of competition for video production companies nowadays. This is a good thing for buyers because you have lots of choice. But it can also mean that finding the best fit is a little tricky. Plan to speak with a few potential agencies before you make your choice. You could even consider asking them to jot down a few ideas for your first video. Then select the best couple proposals to take forward to the next stage of consideration. 

Find out more about them

Ask your agency to show you credentials and a previous work portfolio. One thing to look for is whether their videos are all typecast, or whether they produce original material for each of their clients. You need your business to stand out, so do not settle for being part of a crowd. 

Look for an agency that brings original ideas to the table, and clearly wants to win your business. Share your budget with your shortlisted agencies so everyone knows the expectations. You can also tell them if you plan to add more budget later down the road to produce more videos. This may secure you some introductory pricing, or some kind of negotiated rate. 

Above all, enjoy your new venture into video! 

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