Bitsgap Review

Bitsgap has a number of features that make the trading experience even more enjoyable. Its proprietary algorithm monitors thousands of cryptocurrency pairs around the clock and presents the best trading opportunities. It also offers a proprietary Smart Order, which combines a Stop-Loss order with a Take-Profit order. When a Smart Order is activated, Bitsgap completes the order when predefined conditions are met. This feature lowers risk and secures profit gains even when you are not personally trading.

Bitsgap lets you set order sizes dynamically and set take profit targets based on technical indicators. This bot will continue trading as long as prices remain within the range you have set. Additionally, Bitsgap lets you create your own bots to use. You can also choose between two types of strategies for your bot. One type of bot uses a DCA (Distance to Average) SL, which uses the average price of all open orders, while the other uses a fixed percentage of the price.

Another feature of Bitsgap is the fact that it offers strong encryption. It does not give any third-party access to your private keys and other sensitive information. It also offers a range of security features. Users must register to create an account on Bitsgap and must enter their email addresses and password. Users can also link their social media accounts to Bitsgap. Once the account is set up, users need to connect their funds to their Bitsgap account. They can then integrate their accounts with API keys from their crypto exchanges. With high-end encryption, these API keys protect your funds from prying eyes.

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The Basic Plan costs $49 USD per month and includes unlimited exchanges. The Advanced plan features a $100,000 monthly trading limit and five active trading bots. The Pro plan has no trading limits and includes priority customer support. Users can use a Bitsgap robot to trade cryptocurrencies in the live market. All of these plans offer support chat, and Bitsgap is easy to use for both beginners and professionals.

Bitsgap offers pre-programmed strategies that are designed to reduce risk while still increasing profits. They can be configured using the API and backtested before launching. Users can also create and customize bots to execute trades without any programming experience. They are best suited to beginners and intermediate traders alike, and if you want to automate your trading, Bitsgap offers many features to help you with this.

The Bitsgap website has recently been updated as part of a global rebranding effort. This website is now easier to navigate, and the company has added new features such as automated trading solutions. However, the main feature of Bitsgap is its cryptocurrency trading bots. These bots rely on a dozen well-designed strategies to identify and close profitable trades.

Bitsgap is a cloud-based trading platform that connects to renowned cryptocurrency trading exchanges. Its first phase was focused on arbitrage opportunities on six exchanges, but it has since diversified into a fully-featured trading terminal. Bitsgap’s goal is to ease the burden of trading. With its smart trading features and wide range of trading bots, Bitsgap aims to provide a stress-free trading experience.

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