LPG is one of the most used fuels for cooking and heating purposes in the world. In addition to LPG, there are biogas, natural gas, and electricity used for cooking. However, LPG is the most used by households and food businesses due to its efficiency and other benefits. 

There are many benefits of LPG for cooking and heating. Moreover, its wide availability is also a good reason for its popularity. Let us know about all the benefits of LPG in this post over other fuels. 



LPG is available almost everywhere in this world. There are suppliers of LPG in all urban and semi-urban areas. The gas companies are also making it available in rural areas. Other fuels are not as easily available as LPG, due to which people prefer using it for cooking and heating. 

Temperature maintenance

Other fuels like wood and electric heaters can raise the temperature of your kitchen. A heated kitchen can force your air conditioning system to work harder and reduce the overall efficiency of your home. LPG does not raise the temperature of your kitchen as much as other fuels, due to which people prefer using it in their home. 

Convenient to use 

LPG is so convenient to use as all you need is to turn on the regulator and stove to start cooking your meals. Moreover, if you have a gas connection that directly from a pipeline, you don’t need to refill the gas bottles. Due to the convenience of use, people choose if to use it in their households. 

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Easy to book 

The LPG Bottles are now very easy to book from any place. All the gas companies have their websites and phone apps using which their customers can book a cylinder. The online booking facility has made it convenient for users to book a cylinder and even a new gas connection. 

Home delivery

In addition to the gas booking facility, distributors and suppliers also offer a home delivery service for their customers. Customers can book a gas bottle from their home, office, or any other place through the mobile app of their gas company and get the cylinder delivered to their home. 

Clean fuel

LPG is a clean fuel and does not leave any type of residue or smoke on burning. So, your kitchen stays clean by using LPG gas. Also, to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen, users need to clean the food spills immediately or after the preparation of food. The LPG does not produce the smell of burning as in the case of other fuels like wood and kerosene. Any smell you experience on using LPG is due to the unburnt or leaked gas in your kitchen. 


LPG is affordable as compared to other fuels like wood and kerosene. A gas bottle can last for an entire month or more. In the case of individual users and small families, a gas cylinder may last for two to three months. Due to the affordability and easy availability, LPG tops the list of cooking fuels for households. Being affordable, LPG is also the most used fuel among food businesses. 

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Easy to transport

LPG cylinders are easy to transport from one place to another. Moreover, the gas suppliers have trucks that they use to deliver LPG bottles at the customer’s location. Users can also transfer a gas bottle in their vehicle to another location where they want to use it. However, some states prohibit the transfer of LPG as it is a highly flammable gas to avoid the associated risks to life and property. 

Eco-Friendly fuel

The greenhouse gas discharge of LPG is very low. It has low quantities of sulfur, nitrogen, and other particulate matter that are harmful to the environment. The combustion occurs completely, leaving no residue or particulate matter. Using LPG for cooking instead of other fuels brings down the greenhouse emissions by up to 70 %. So, using LPG in homes and food businesses enables us to keep our planet clean and green.

It saves time and money

LPG is highly efficient as compared to other fuels and has an excellent heating capacity. It cooks food faster than other fuels, thereby saving your time and money. Most people want to prepare their breakfast quickly to reach their office in time. Moreover, being affordable, LPG is the best option for cooking in households. 

Final Words

These were some benefits of LPG, due to which it is the most preferred fuel across the world. However, despite the benefits, it is a highly flammable gas. So, users need to take extreme care and follow safety instructions while using LPG in their homes. The equipment and cylinder need to be placed in a well-ventilated area, and maintenance should be done regularly. 

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