Asia Pulp and Paper positively impact the communities they work with directly and on the environment. They are committed to responsibly developing their forest plantations, engaging in sustainable development, and conducting their operations environmentally responsible. Here are the six key benefits of the company:

1. Creation of employment opportunities

The company operates in remote areas where employment opportunities are limited. They have created numerous jobs for the local communities. In doing so, they have helped to improve people’s livelihoods and have created a stable source of income for people who had previously suffered from poverty.

2. Reduction in poverty

Asia Pulp and Paper operations significantly benefit. The company contributes to the local economy through product sales and employment opportunities. They enable families to earn income from sources other than the forest, such as more lucrative crops, and provide an additional source of food, clothing, and shelter for many who would otherwise be highly vulnerable to extreme poverty.

3. Safeguarding the environment

The company’s sustainable development efforts in Indonesia reduce negative environmental impacts while protecting natural habitats and wildlife. They are in the process of establishing a comprehensive system of forest management procedures to deal with their impacts and ensure that they remain within acceptable limits. An Environmental Management System is being implemented throughout their supply chain per Forest Stewardship Council standards. It aims to become a high-performance, environmentally responsible company that positively impacts the environment and contributes to sustainable development.

4. Reliability

The company has established a reputation for being a reliable supplier, having a solid operational capacity, and continuously operating responsibly. They are committed to maintaining high standards in all their operations, working diligently with their local communities, and ensuring they meet the needs of their customers.

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5. Sustainability

It operates sustainably, from harvest to pulp production to manufacturing and marketing products. Its operations are built on strong environmental, social, and economic foundations. The company has world-leading pulping technology expertise, and its mills have state-of-the-art pollution control systems. Its mills achieve a much higher yield per ton of timber than the industry average in Indonesia. They are committed to responsible business practices and have made significant progress in implementing their high-integrity forest management systems.

6. Quality and performance

The company has a strong reputation for delivering high quality and is committed to consistently high performance. They strive to exceed customer expectations, deliver a superior quality product, and provide reliable service and support. Through continuous improvement, they have created innovative ways to achieve these objectives. It is also involved in numerous social activities. They support the development of educational, cultural, and sports facilities in villages where their plantations are situated. It is strongly committed to protecting the environment and supporting forestry research, conservation, and community development projects.


The company has benefited the local communities where they operate. It is committed to responsible business practices, ensuring its operations comply with high environmental, social, and economic standards. Their products are of high quality and meet the needs of customers worldwide. As a result, they have built a profitable business that respects people, the environment, and society while maintaining long-term value and contributing to the sustainable development of all their stakeholders.

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