More than just a time, an iconic watch is a work of art. Not only is it a pure icon of classical engineering with a long and fascinating history, but there are also personal stories associated with these watches, which often overshadow financial values. A good mechanical timepiece can be passed down from generation to generation if properly cared for. It’s not difficult to properly care for a watch, especially if you’re enthusiastic about it or have a strong emotional attachment to it.

Owning a well-engineered timepiece is a precious experience, and a well-chosen watch will serve as a status symbol as well as a meaningful method to keep track of time for many years to come. Also, ownership of a watch entails a great deal of responsibility. The pointers in this article will help you maintain your watch ticking for the long term.

Luxury Watch Cosmograph Daytona 2021

This year, Rolex will offer three limited editions of the Cosmograph Daytona, each featuring a new meteorite dial in 18K white gold, 18K yellow gold, or 18K everose gold. The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona White Gold sports a sculpted tachymetric scale and a black monobloc Cerachrom bezel in ceramic. The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Yellow Gold features an 18K yellow gold bezel, while the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Everose Gold has an 18K Everose gold bezel, both featuring an engraved tachymetric scale. All three come with high-quality bracelets and clasps, as well as high-performance features and movements. 

Because Rolex is regarded as a high-end watchmaker, its asking prices can easily approach six figures. Taking care of a luxury brand is necessary. This high-end watch will give its owner numerous advantages in the future. If you take excellent care of this wristwatch, you will find that it is well worth the effort.

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Make Your Treasured Luxury Timepieces Last a Lifetime

Avoid storing your luxury watch on its side or with other jewelry if at all feasible. Watches are frequently scratched in this manner. Consider purchasing a container designed exclusively for the storing of watches. It will be safe, sound, and most importantly, undamaged if it is stored properly.  Here’s how to look after your high-end timepieces.

  • Keep It Out of the Sun
  • Keep the Crown Safe
  • Wind Regularly
  • Magnets Are to Be Avoided
  • Gently Clean
  • Water-resistance is Important
  • Contact with Chemicals Should Be Avoided
  1. Keep It Out of the Sun

Strong sun exposure is the enemy of luxury timepieces. Long-term exposure to direct sunlight can accelerate the wear on painted watch parts, often the dial, bezel, and hands while also drying off the lubricants that keep the components running smoothly. Some watches, particularly older models, might fog up if the ambient temperature changes too quickly, resulting in condensation and water damage in the long run. Keep your watch in a cold, dark place with little temperature fluctuation.

  1. Keep the Crown Safe

Because the crown is the sole barrier between you and the delicate movement within, you must take care of it. Even if it’s a tough sports watch, keep it flat on a soft surface while you’re not wearing it instead of resting it on the crown. When you wind or adjust your watch while it’s on your wrist, you’re putting lateral stress on the winding system. The ideal method is to remove the watch from your wrist and wind it with care as the professionals do.

  1. Wind Regularly
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Even if you haven’t worn your mechanical watch in a while, it recommends winding it once a month, whether it’s self-winding or manual-winding. To keep the movement components thoroughly lubricated, self-winding watches should be turned at least 30 times. On manual-winding watches, turn the crown until it resists.

  1. Avoid Magnets

Magnetic fields are the scourge of mechanical timepieces, interfering with the accuracy of the time and, in extreme situations, causing the watch to halt. Unfortunately, this involves avoiding a variety of commonplace items such as speakers, refrigerators, and magnetic bag clasps. Because there are powerful magnets within, putting your watch on top of a tablet or laptop isn’t a good idea either.

  1. Gently Clean

It’s only a matter of time before your watch turns from gleaming to dirty after seeing you through work, play, and everything in between. Water-resistant watches may tolerate a little amount of wetness while cleaning. A soft damp towel can give it a cursory clean, but you’ll need a wooden toothpick with a wet end or a used toothbrush to get into the tighter spaces. Cotton buds work well as well, although they won’t fit into tight spaces as well and/or will leave cotton shreds behind.

  1. Water-resistance is Important

Some watch wearers are unaware of their watch’s limitations and push it to its limits. It’s not a good idea to take your watch snorkeling if it’s water-resistant up to 50 meters. If your watch isn’t equipped to handle the depths, the sudden change in pressure may be too much for it to handle. If your watch isn’t water-resistant, minor sprays of water won’t harm it, but it’s best to avoid it. You should avoid getting your watch wet if it has a leather band since the water might degrade the leather watch strap.

  1. Contact with Chemicals Should Be Avoided
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Cleaning products, oils, cologne, and perfume, in particular, can weaken and break leather bands. Wet clothing or running water is bad for leather watch straps, so avoid them at all costs. If you have enough time to air dry it, moist cloth can be used for a fast wipe down never with a hairdryer. Otherwise, invest in a professional leather cleaning that’s appropriate for the different types of leather on your strap, as some can be overly harsh. To clean your watch, avoid using harsh cleaners. Keeping things simple is generally a good idea


These methods will almost certainly apply to the care of any high-end timepiece. There are, however, some aspects that are unique to each watch, and this advice will almost certainly be included in the watch handbook. 

A premium mechanical watch, rich in memories and financial value, should be carefully respected and cared for. A piece like that needs our love and attention, and the following ten suggestions will ensure that your watch lasts until you can hand it on to the next generation.

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