Are you a teenager who wants to be an integral part of your community?

As you grow older, you likely become more aware of some of the issues facing the people around you. This motivates some people to serve their communities and their best to make a change.

But how can you get involved as a teenager? 

Fortunately, every community has a variety of activities people of all ages can participate in. Below, we’ll go into some options for you.

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Volunteer with the Red Cross

Many people know the Red Cross as the medics who come in the midst of a disaster and serve the local population. Because of this, not everyone realizes that ordinary people can volunteer for the Red Cross.

The Red Cross has several options specifically for young volunteers. At all times, the Red Cross looks for people willing to host or assist during blood drives. You could recruit people for a blood drive, help schedule appointments, or even organize one for your school.

Some teens even organize blood drive competitions between different schools, helping the Red Cross get as much blood as possible from a community.

You should also consider getting involved in disaster training or contributing to their international campaign efforts. 

Work with the Humane Society

Do you love animals? Do you want to provide a safe and loving space for all four-legged friends, even if they don’t have forever homes?

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If so, you should consider volunteering for the Humane Society.

Depending on where you live, the volunteer opportunities will be different. To find out which opportunities are available in your state, visit the Humane Society’s website!

Drive for Meals on Wheels

Have you just received your driver’s license? Do you love going everywhere in your car?

Put your desire to drive to good use with Meals on Wheels! This wonderful charity brings food to elderly people who may not be able to get it themselves, especially during COVID-19. It has chapters all over the United States, letting people from any community volunteer.

Because senior citizens stand at an increased risk of dying from COVID-19, you make sure you don’t have the illness before delivering meals to them. In addition, make sure you adhere to social distancing guidelines even when you aren’t driving to ensure you don’t contract the disease.

Serve as a Volunteer for Youthline

Many young people across the world struggle as they grow into adulthood. Youthline, a New Zealand-based organization, recognizes this and is trying to change it by offering a variety of services, including counseling, mentoring, and family resources.

They have many volunteer opportunities in various regions of the country. Check out the Youthline website for more information!

Ready to Get Involved in Your Community?

Are you ready to start serving your community?

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, help from people like you is absolutely crucial and assists communities in becoming thriving places to live. By working for one of the organizations above–or finding another way to volunteer–you will be positively impacting the people around you.

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