9 Methods To Get Your Mobile Number on Android

People forget to remember their phone numbers. They save their contact numbers on their phones. They forget their phone number, even though they are trying to remember it. It is often found that family members and close friends don’t remember your number. They prefer to keep your number on the phone. We will talk about some tricks and methods to view your phone number on Android phones.

There are many tricks and methods (including Settings, third-party apps, etc.). There are many ways to find your phone number. These solutions make it easy to locate mobile numbers using your SIM.

Method 1: Locate a phone number using the phone Settings app

Open device Settings app. Open the Settings app on your phone. It looks like a gear icon and is available in the app drawer.

About phone: Scroll to the bottom of the Settings screen, and then click on the “About Phone” option.

SIM card status: Click on the SIM card status to find your phone number under “Phone number”.

You may need to take another step with some phones. This may include status and then SIM card status. You will find your phone number in the “Phone Number” section. If the Phone number option is showing “Unknown”, open your Contacts app, and search for “Me” contact. If the contact name is available, it will display your phone number.

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What is my Phone Number on Android

The Phone number was once “Unknown”. Why?

Sometimes your SIM card may not be correctly inserted or there is a problem with the account. You can eject the SIM card and re-insert it. If it persists, contact your network provider.

Method 2: Contact customer service

Your customer service representative can also be reached at the number listed above. Your phone number and other details will appear on the customer service representative’s computer screens when you call them. This is not the case in all cases. For example, if you call customer service from your home, this may not be true. It is possible that customer service asked you for your SIM card number.

Method 3: Dial a unique code

The most common and easiest way to find your Android phone number is by dialing a unique code called the USSD code. To find your phone number and other offers, the USSD code is provided by the network provider. To get your mobile number, you can dial a unique code from your phone. This code varies between service providers. This method is completely free.

What is my Phone Number on Android

This is the unique dial code number that will allow you to find your Indian phone number through different network providers.

  1. Airtel SIM users dial *121*1#, *121*9#, or *282# to access the USSD code
  2. Vodafone SIM users dial *199# to access the USSD code
  3. Reliance SIM users dial *1# to access the USSD code
  4. Reliance JIO SIM customers dial the number 1299
  5. Users of Idea SIM dial *131*1# to access the USSD code
  6. BSNL SIM users dial *222#, *888#, *1#, *785# and *555# to access the USSD code
  7. Telenor/Uninor SIM customers dial the USSD Code *222*4#
  8. MTNL SIM-users dial *8888# to access the USSD code
  9. MTS SIM users dial *121# to dial USSD code or 1288
  10. Videocon SIM users dial *1# to access the USSD code
  11. Tata Docomo SIM customers dial the USSD Code *580#
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To make a call or send SMS messages, the United Kingdom network (UK) has its own unique USSD code. These codes can be found here:

  1. Asda Mobile – Text MY NUMBER (2732)
  2. EE – text NUMBER TO 150
  3. O2 – Text NUMBER up to 2020
  4. Vodafone – Dial *#100# and hit the Send button

Method 4: Open your Contacts app and look for it

What is my Phone Number on Android

Your phone number may be displayed in both Apple’s iPhone and Android phones. It may appear at the top of your contacts list with “This Phone’s number” or “ME,” depending on the manufacturer or device version. It could be displayed in the iPhone’s contact list with either “My Number” (or “My Card”)

Method 5: Call your friend or relative

It is easy to find your phone number by calling or texting a friend, family member, or anyone else. Your phone number will appear on the screen of the individual you are calling or texting. From there, you can locate your number. This can also be used if your friend or family member is not present. You can send them a text or phone call to return your number.

Method 6: Go to your network provider’s store

If none of these methods work, you can visit your local service provider retailer to get your number. They are happy to assist customers and are customer-focused. They will find your number and solve your problem.

Method 7: Take a look at the bill or contact.

You can find your mobile number easily if you have the paperwork and the phone number. The document will have your phone number printed on it. In the original record of your telephone number, and on any other paper bills for phone services, you will also include your phone number.

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Method 8: Log in to your online account

You can access your phone account online if you have this feature set with your number. Log in to your account to do what you like. To make it even easier, you can bookmark the link in your browser.

Method 9: Using phone number detector app

Many Android and iOS apps can detect your phone number on their respective devices. To find your phone number, download and install the trusted app. This app could leak your data so we recommend using a trusted app. These apps can read SIM information such as Device IMEI and SIM card status (ICCID), SIMcard serial number (ICCID), SIMcard country ISO, SIMcard operator code, SIMcard operator name, SIM number, Phone number, SIM type, SIM Card MEID or ESN. Network country ISO. Data roaming.


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