Holiday shopping can be hit or miss. Not everybody has the intuition to pick good gifts for their loved ones. You can spend hours shopping for that perfect gift, only for it to be regifted or forgotten.

If you have friends or family who prefer practical presents, holiday shopping is a riddle. You can try your hand at places like this gift shop online as you are sure to find something that fits those picky people. Here are some ideas for presents that the pickiest people might appreciate and put to use for the rest of the year.

A Box of Snacks
Everybody has a favorite snack. Though it isn’t a gift that will last forever, you can be sure that a box of your friend’s favorite treats will not be regifted or ignored. It might be gone by February, but you can rest easy knowing that your gift was received and enjoyed well.

Photo Albums (With Pictures)
Did you go on a big adventure with your friend or loved one this year? Memories are never regifted. Print some of the best shots from this adventure and store them in a nice photo album. Enjoy listening to the gift receiver exclaim over each photo, “Do you remember when?”

A Good Blanket
Blankets are rarely thought of as gifts for the holidays, but we all need them–and not only when winter comes. If your friend easily takes cold, then get them a luxury blanket that won’t become threadbare from great use. You can be sure that it will be used.

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Donate to Their Cause
If there is a cause that your friend or family member is passionate about, they might appreciate a generous donation to that charity more than an expensive object wrapped in paper. It’ll show that you pay attention to the things that they care about and are willing to help collaborate.

Gel Ink Pens
We all know that great frustration when we need a pen to write with, but none have ink–or the ink has long dried out. Invest in a generous case of gel ink pens that will last your friend for months. Gel ink is lauded for its bold markings and how easily it glides over paper.

Babysit for A Day
Work and childcare make date nights difficult for married couples. Instead of wrapping a present, give your friends a gift card for their favorite restaurant and take care of their kids while they go. Allow busy moms and dads a chance to celebrate the holidays together.
The perfect gift looks different for everyone. This Christmas make sure that your friends and family understand through your gift-giving that you care for and think about them.

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