Meta Description- Now that you know the concept of social commerce and how it functions, keep reading to find out about the top 6 best social commerce platform examples for your business in the ongoing tough times. 

Along with the pandemic came extreme distress and loss, especially financial loss for brands and businesses due to the necessities of maintaining social distancing and lockdown, which completely refrained the movement of people. 

However, how can shopping come to an end when people have the power to access social media? 

Social Commerce is the new marketing strategy adopted by businesses to sell through these tough times. 

Since social commerce enables businesses to sell through social media and for shoppers to purchase without leaving their favourite social media platform, social commerce surely is a win-win situation for both the former and the latter. 

Best Social Commerce Platforms

Now that you know the concept of social commerce and how it functions, keep reading to find out about the top 6 best social commerce platform examples for your business in the ongoing tough times. 


With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram is amongst the most favorite social media platforms of social media users, especially millennials. Started as a photo-sharing platform, Instagram is dominated by visuals and gives brands a chance to display their products through appealing and attractive pictures. 

Instagram’s Shoppable feature enables users to tap and check the product specifications, including name and price. The additional features of the product can also be seen by clicking on the picture. 

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Additionally, the users can complete the purchase using the easy checkout process offered by the platform. The users can complete the buying journey and receive the confirmation without leaving the platform, making Shoppable Instagram a successful and sought-after social commerce platform. 


Being one of the oldest and highly growing social media platforms, FaceBook understood the significance of Social Commerce for brands and businesses. It hence started a feature known as Facebook Shop. 

Using Facebook shop, the sellers can customize the product pictures according to their personal choice and choose from various color schemes and themes. The themes can be selected according to the brand’s colour scheme to bring in more originality in the Facebook shop. 

The Facebook shop is an efficient social commerce platform that helps sellers target their potential customers on this massive social media platform. 


Quite similar to the overall vibe of Instagram, Pinterest is also a platform that mainly works on visuals. Pinterest displays product pins in front of the users that may interest them. 

The latest feature of the Pinterest Buyable Pins on the platform lets users buy products through the posts created by the brand. Since social commerce becomes more effective when backed by visual marketing, Pinterest becomes another powerful platform for social commerce. 

The platform also offers Shop the look ads to brands; the users can click on the ad and will be redirected to the checkout page of the brand’s site. A total of 25 products can be tagged in an ad. 


Mainly known for its amazing filters, Snapchat is quite famous amongst social media users. Even though it can not completely be called a social commerce platform, Snapchat has a feature that uses Augmented reality that plays a vital role in encouraging users to purchase from a brand. 

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Snapchat calls it AR lenses, and it enables users to use AR and try on different products like accessories, makeup, clothing, etc. The users can purchase the product by clicking on the link redirected to the brand’s website. 


When we talk about visual marketing and social commerce, we cannot miss out on how impactful videos can be, and when we think about videos, the first platform that comes to mind is YouTube.

With YouTube, brands can create interesting and engaging videos and display them, enabling them to purchase without leaving the website. 

Amazon Live 

Amazon Live has a new and unique approach to social commerce. By using this platform, brands can target their potential customers by having a live interaction with them. 

This platform lets brands have a real-time conversation with their customers and explain to them about the product, its specifications and clear their doubts about the product (if any). The brands can compel customers to purchase their products by giving them a special discount too. It is a fun and interactive way of promoting business. 

Wrapping It Up

If you are an eCommerce brand, we are hopeful that you must have found value after reading this blog.

Almost every social media platform is welcoming the concept of Social commerce on their platform, and mostly all eCommerce brands are fully utilizing this power. 

Yes, we call it power since Social commerce can increase sales, drive in more revenues, generate leads, and turn potential customers into regular loyal customers. 

Here were the best social commerce platforms that you must use if you have not, or else we are afraid you might fall behind your competitors. 

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