When the pandemic hit the world, remote working became the new norm. Part of that is working from home or having your office inside your designated room. Of course, your home is designed as is but to bring your office home is another story. In order to have an effective workspace, you need to have proper office supplies to accommodate the things or materials needed for your job.

It’s quite different at home since you need to come up with a different setup. Buying proper supplies to match your work needs is one of the few things you have to do. Having a neat and organized work area boosts one’s efficiency. To do so, you must acquire some office stuff organizers to set up your working table or desk. We recommend these office supply storage ideas for you to start with.

Best Options for Office Supply Organizers

Decluttering becomes easy with the help of some office supplies. They work to give you spaces for keeping your files, important papers, and other materials. Listed below are some of the best options you can purchase online or in physical stores.

  1. Office Cabinets

Books, files, pens, and papers can all be stored in an office storage cabinet. You can also store large items in cabinets because they have more space. Ideal for people who need to keep a large amount of stuff.

  • File cabinet. This cabinet accommodates almost all your office supplies and paperwork. Depending on the size that you may avail, it gives bigger space than any other organizers. There may be doors or have them with lateral designed drawers.
  • Wheeled drawer cabinet. A drawer cabinet that has wheels or casters is advantageous as you can transport it easily wherever you like. Rearranging its location is faster as well as upon cleaning. 
  • Abaca cubby cabinet. It is refreshing to see a native-style cabinet inside your office or home. Abaca is a durable material that lasts long. If you are going to look for something new, grab this one. Not only does it keep your things orderly, but it acts as a good accessory to your place too.
  1. Boxes
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Boxes are useful storage alternatives that can accommodate a variety of papers, office supplies, and other stuff. Additionally, boxes are stackable so you can simply store them in closets or on shelves.

  • Collapsible and stackable linen boxes. They save space as you can put boxes after boxes after storing important stuff. Being collapsible makes them a space saver because you can keep them at bay when not in use. The material, linen, gives a nice look in your office. 
  • Clear plastic boxes. These boxes are durable and can carry heavier files. The clear appearance lets you see what you are looking for right away. Also, they have a secure latch on the lids to prevent spilling what’s inside.
  1. Desk Racks

Desk racks keep the table clutter-free and orderly for optimal performance. Mesh organizers, metal trays, and file racks are the most common types.

  • Mesh organizer. It usually has separate compartments to keep things that are small up to bigger sizes. Your paperwork, pens, notes, and other paraphernalia can be stored on it depending on the designs available.
  • File racks. If you have a lot of paperwork and files on your desk, this file rack is perfect to have. It reduces clutter and gives enough space for other paper materials like magazines and folders.
  • Metal trays. To keep your desk free of scattered office things, especially if they are small, grab these metal trays or plastic trays. Choose the ones that will fit the size of your desk. It’s best for keeping pens, paperclips, and notepads.
  1. Storage Carts
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Storage carts are an excellent solution for individuals who don’t prefer bulky cabinets. They have the same storage capacity, but they are more stylish and compact. Carts for storing items are also portable as they have casters to move them easily.

  • Utility rolling cart. Not only does it transport easily, moreover, but it also provides you space for your stuff according to uses. Since there are trays that make up this cart, you can simply organize things and label each tray. This way, it would be easy to see the contents if you need them.
  • Rolling cart with drawers. A bit different from the utility cart, it has drawers that cover the contents away from dust and dirt. The drawers usually come in clear forms for a better vision of files.
  • Shelves cart. Made from metals that serve as the shelves of this cart so it is very durable to use. It has a wider space and is best for bulky items.
  1. Drawer Dividers

These dividers keep the insides of the drawers orderly. They are available in compact boxes or trays that may hold a wide range of office items. You may easily remove or rearrange them as well.

  • Clear plastic divider. It is compact, sturdy, and made of high-grade plastic. This divider keeps your office things organized inside the drawers such as scissors, pens, papers, and even your make-up materials. 
  • Woven divider. To add style to your drawer, you may opt for this woven one. The wireframes are sturdy enough to hold the fabric in place while keeping your stuff intact.
  • Slot tray divider. A tray with multiple slots gives you more space to organize your stuff accordingly. You can also make DIY trays so you can adjust the slot sizes depending on your needs.
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Giving your office at home or work efficient organizers such as the ones mentioned above will ensure more productivity. After all, who could endure a messy desk or cluttered space while working? Besides being clean and orderly, having an organized working area reduces the stress that your job is already giving you most of the time. 

Think about the coziness you will feel right after arranging your files and office stuff on these office storages. We bet you are probably thinking of getting your own now. That’s why we are here to serve you! Check your favorites on our website, Storables.com, and we’ll gladly assist you with your needs!

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