The online possibilities nowadays are endless. The internet has evolved significantly over the last two decades, with everything from e-commerce to online gaming expanding. Major players such as Amazon, PayPal and Facebook were in their infancy in the early 2000s. Fast forward 15 years or so, and they are titans of the modern world, making billions in annual worldwide revenue. 

It’s never been easier to buy groceries, stay in touch with friends, overhaul your wardrobe, or stream an endless number of movies or TV series. Unfortunately, it’s also never been easier for criminals to use the internet to their advantage. Staying safe online is vital nowadays. Without adequate knowledge of the best antivirus software, how to spot phishing emails and other pillars of online security, you are seriously at risk. Keep reading for a few tips for staying safe online in 2022. 

Only play games on sites you can trust

There are countless options for online gamers currently, no matter the demographic or general gaming preferences. While certified online titles for consoles and computers aren’t usually dangerous, playing on third-party websites can be problematic. For example, online gamblers must only use platforms licensed and regulated by gambling authorities. Failing to do so may result in stolen personal information or unpaid winnings. 

Ensure you have checked for relevant certification before playing online slots or live dealer table games. Secure SSL authentication is also crucial. Fortunately, numerous safe online casinos reviewed by the trusted website, WSN, such as Stardust Casino are available for players at the click of a button. These websites are trustworthy and designed with optimal user security. You must play online games on safe and legitimate sites to safeguard online security, especially when money is involved.  

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Create strong and secure passwords 

Creating strong passwords is one of the most common tips to staying technologically secure. Although you may have heard it countless times since you were a child, this is still an essential component to consider. Ideally, you need different passwords for each account, so you don’t need to change everything if one is compromised. Some people like to use random password generators, which are widely considered the most effective. 

If you go down this route, make sure you record each password in a safe place because a random sequence of letters and numbers is much easier to forget than a word or phrase. Two-factor authentication is widely available in 2022, another easy way to prevent hackers from infiltrating your online accounts.  

Use quality virus detection software 

Sometimes there’s simply no avoiding viruses picked up from malignant websites. High-quality virus detection software is vital in these cases. Companies such as McAfee and Norton offer several powerful antivirus programs at competitive prices. They can detect viruses, trojans and other malware and take steps to remove them instantaneously. Potentially dangerous infections are immediately wiped out as a result. 

Picking the best antivirus protection and keeping it updated is crucial here. The last thing you want is to have a false feeling of security, as this can be even more dangerous. Do a little research and find the best software plan for you. It’s more than worth it! 

Beware of social media scams and phishing 

Few modern phenomena can compare to the stunning rise of social media over the last two decades. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram creep into every corner of our day-to-day lives, especially with the increased use of mobile apps and messaging services. It’s fantastic for keeping in touch with friends and family or building businesses, but you must be careful to avoid some of the downsides. 

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Social media scams and phishing messages are common in 2022. Learning how to spot a fake competition or clickbait post from a hacked friend is essential. Otherwise, you could be hacked yourself. Never click on links taking you to external websites you don’t know about and avoid opening strange messages from accounts you’re not familiar with. Avoiding social media scams isn’t difficult, but you need to stay on your guard. 

Never download files off a dodgy website

It goes without saying but downloading files off dodgy websites is one of the worst things you can do. Only download from legitimate websites where you can clearly see the contents of what you’re downloading. Things like FLAC files can easily have viruses and other harmful software hidden inside, so avoid these in favor of MP3s, PDFs and other standard formats.   
Using streaming websites is fine as long as you can verify that they are secure, but we don’t recommend ever downloading files from a website you aren’t familiar with.

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