Whether you have a passion for making music videos or your best friend wants you to film their wedding for them, if you love making movies and mastering the art of cinematography, you need to know the tricks of the trade. Many industry professionals keep their best secrets hidden behind closed doors, locked behind company contracts, or years of schooling.

What do video production companies not want you to know? What tips can they offer outsiders? Here are five insider tips and tricks that will make your next videos reach professional quality!

1. Professional Editing Programs Are More Accessible Than Ever

While subscription model programs like Adobe AfterEffects still get considered the “industry standard” by many, you can access professional editing tools at a fraction of the cost from a host of different providers like Filmora or MAGIX. These programs have a massive suite of editing plugins that let you adjust anything from the color grading to editing greenscreen footage.

2. Editing Can Fix What a Film Crew Breaks

Most video production companies have at least a minimal film crew to ensure that things run smoothly during the shoot. However, for all their help, sometimes, a film crew messes up the lighting for a shot or leaves a boom mic in view of the camera. Thankfully, careful editing can help fix those kinds of mishaps. 

3. No One Understands Your Creative Work Better Than You

If your filming some sort of creative work, the fact remains that no one understands your vision better than you do. So, learning how to do it yourself will let you craft your video vision the way you imagined it.

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4. DIY Filmography Needs Certain Basic Foundations

All the same, whether you intend to film something for corporate marketing or set up your next indie masterpiece, you need certain foundational skills to make it look professional. That’s where programs like those offered by https://sloanschoolofmusic.com/lessons/video/ can help you build your skills. With a solid foundation of lighting, editing, and compositing basics, you can ensure that the release of your film occurs in a polished state.

5. Work Distribution on Film Sets Takes a Leader With Experience

If you work with a film crew, you need to have some form of managerial experience under your belt. Full stop.

There are a lot of moving parts to a film shoot. From directing any actors you have on hand to placing the lights in the perfect location, from moving set pieces to keeping your crew hydrated and fed, there’s a lot for anyone to keep track of. If it all sounds too overwhelming for you, then it might be best to hire one of the many video production companies after all.

Looking for More Pro Tips Used by Video Production Companies?

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