In 2018, there were over 6.6 million job openings in the US. For each opening, there could be many other people competing for the position. The interview stage is a key part of the job search process that you need to ace.

If you made it to the interview stage, it’s now time for job interview preparation. You’ll need to think about how to prepare for a job interview and what to bring to a job interview. Let’s answer the big question “what do you bring to a job interview?”

What to Bring to a Job Interview

One of the most important things to bring to a job interview is copies of your resume. You can carry these in a folder or a folio. Just be sure to bring at least five copies.

A pen and paper are also very helpful. You can take notes on what you learn, which can make follow-up conversations and thank you emails much easier to write. Many folios include a notepad, but also make sure you bring a pen.

On your paper, you should note down at least two or three pre-written questions to ask your interviewers. Many interviewers will ask “Do you have any questions?” but not all interviewees come prepared. You’ll stand out if you are readily prepared.

Some interviewers ask you for a list of references before an interview, but some don’t. Prepare a list ahead of time just in case they ask. Your references should be people who will be able to positively speak about your professional abilities.

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Since you are bringing a few things to the interview, you should bring something to carry them in. This will help you feel organized and put together. A handbag, briefcase, or portfolio can all be great options depending on the company culture.

While these are the five things you definitely need to bring, ask your interviewer if there is anything else you need. They might request certificates or a diploma. In this case, try to get a copy of your diploma or you could bring a fake diploma.

What to Bring to a Job Fair

The things you should bring to a job fair are very similar to what you should bring to an interview, except, you most likely will not need a list of references.

You may want to add breath mints or floss. Chances are, you’ll be at the job fair for a while. Maintaining good oral hygiene will help you feel confident when you meet with prospective employers.

Job Interview Advice

Practicing is one of the best things you can do to be successful in a job interview. Have a friend or family member ask you common interview questions. Thinking about the answers beforehand can help you feel confident during the actual interview.

While interviews may be scary and stressful, try to remain calm. Take deep breaths and think before you speak. You don’t need to rush and will be more composed if you take your time.

On the day of the interview, be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to get there. Look up directions the day before and plan to get there early. You don’t want to start off on the wrong foot by being late.

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Ace Your Interview

Being prepared and planning what to bring to a job interview leave you prepared and confident. Make sure you bring the right items and do some preparation so you can ace your upcoming job interview.

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