Did you know termite treatment and control can cost up to $1000? If left unchecked, pests can destroy houses and outbuildings. But do you always get a pest inspection when you buy a new property?

Many people don’t and end up paying much more later down the line. Read on as we discuss why you need a pest inspection when buying a new house. 

Shows Hidden Damage

When buying a new home, even if you spot pest damage, you don’t know the extent of its impact. It could just be a minor infestation that has already been removed but left some marks. However, it could also be a sign of serious issues. 

Underlying structure problems could be caused by an infestation. The property may also have a history of this. A pest inspector will be able to see and point all of these out to you. 

Buying Leverage

When you buy a home, if you find out it has pest damage, then you definitely do not want to pay the asking price. You can use this knowledge to negotiate a lower fee under the premise that you need that extra money to pay for pest control and repairs. 

Even if they do refuse to lower the price, you can still get the need for repairs put into the contract. Include a clause that says the seller must conduct repairs and pest control before the sale can be finalized. 

Safeguard your Investment

Buying a new home can be very exciting, and it can be easy to get carried away. This may mean moving forward without an inspection to make the process easier and quicker. However, it can cost you dearly in the future. 

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If you find a bug infestation later down the line or damage that has been caused by one, it can cost lots of money to put right. By finding it at the start, you can budget for this or negotiate with the seller. 

Your Lender May Require It

In many instances, lenders will require that they inspect the home, or you get someone to do it on their behalf. This can involve a full building and pest inspection as well. This is to safeguard their investment should you be unable to pay the loan back. 

It Is Not Always Covered By Homeowner Insurance

Unless you have paid an extra rider on your insurance, it is unlikely it will cover termite damage. As damage by termites can be extremely expensive to remove and repair, you could end up paying from your own pocket. By scheduling regular pest inspections you can get any bug infestation early, reducing the damage done and the cost. 

Add It to Your Checklist When Buying a New House

When buying a new house, you now know the importance of a pest inspection. Add it to your checklist. Though it may be tempting to skip it to save costs, you will end up footing the bill later down the line. 

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