Do I need to replace my air filter?

Never ignore that question. Among the components in your HVAC system, the air filter ensures the quality of your indoor air. It keeps it clean by getting rid of dust and various pollutants in the air.

When these are in their best condition, you have nothing to worry about with your air quality.

The question now is when to replace an air filter. This is one particular matter that may not have a prescribed time. Instead, you need to look for the signs and check them right away.

Signs That Would Advise you the need for Air Filter Replacement

Today, we will look at some of these signs that would advise you of the needed air filter replacement. Read on and take notes.

1. Overheating HVAC Unit

The first thing you need to do is to check your HVAC unit. Check the back of the unit. If you can feel warm air coming out the back, this is a clear sign that you need to check your air filter.

At this point, you need to replace the air filter with a different one. A clogged air filter would also cause the unit to not operate in its best condition. If left as is, it could lead to other problems and may end up damaging your unit.

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For ACs, a clogged filter could pose other problems. This leads us to the next symptom.

2. Air Being Not Cold Enough

When indoor air does not have the coolness needed even after setting it high, you might need to check your air filters. The problem might be due to how the filters get clogged that it hampers any form of airflow needed to cool the room down.

You would also notice that instead of cold air, you end up feeling warm air blowing out from the unit instead. Dirty air filters would not let the cold air pass through it. This is a sign that you should have it replaced with a fresh one. 

Pondering about what kind of air filter to go for? You can try a reusable air filter to help you with that matter.

3. Electricity Bill Increase

Another sign that would tell you to check your air filter is by checking your electricity bills. If you notice a sudden spike in electricity usage, that is a telling sign to look at your air filter now.

A clogged air filter causes your AC unit to work double time. The dust can also accumulate and build up on the cooling coils. This impairs the AC’s capability to produce cool air and may end up damaging the whole system.

If you managed to replace the air filter, you would reap its benefits right away. In this case, you would increase the AC’s efficiency, allowing you to enjoy the cool air it brings in without issue. On top of that, you also get to cut down the energy consumption by up to 15%.

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4. Allergies Acting Up More Frequently

Do you notice people within your home sneezing a lot, or having allergic reactions far more frequently? Have you ever had to ask “are allergies because of my air filter?”

This only occurs when you have allergens present in the air. The only reason that this would happen is due to having a clogged air filter.

Air filters trap allergens and other forms of pollutants. This keeps the indoor air clean and fresh for everyone. The first area you should check when this occurs is the air filter, to see if it needs a replacement.

Indoor air pollution can prove to be a health hazard as much as outdoor air pollution. It can pose other threats such as dizziness or irritation in the short term. For long-term effects, it could lead to respiratory diseases, as well as heart disease and more.

Improving the air quality at home is an imperative that you shouldn’t ignore. When you get the chance, change the air filter. 

5. Dusty Surfaces Near the Vents

Do you notice any dusty areas near the vents or the HVAC units? This is a sign that you should look out for. It can help you determine if your air filter needs a fresh replacement. 

You can check for dust in various ways. One way is to check the surfaces of various furniture near the vents. If you run your fingers and you would be able to spot how much dust is in that area.

For this, the best recommendation would be to use a glove or some other cloth to test out if there is dust in that area. In case you use your own bare fingers, consider washing your hands afterward.

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Another method that you can use is the “white sheet test”. This involves hanging a white sheet near the vent about five inches away or so. Leave the sheet there for an hour at the least.

When you get back after that time, check the sheet. When the sheet turns gray, you have a dirty air filter. The grayer the sheet, the dirtier the filter.

How Frequent Should the Air Filter Replacement Be?

This begs the question, how often should air filter replacement be? This would depend on the type of air filter used. Fiberglass filters would have you replacing them every 30 days, while pleated air filters can last as long as 90 days.

Remember one thing, the longer the filter stays on, the more it traps dust and dirt. Keep this in mind when planning for a replacement. If the number of days slips your mind as you don’t remember when you last replaced the filter, you better get started with the replacement.

Know When to Replace an Air Filter

Once you settle when to replace an air filter, you also need to take action. Learn how to replace an air filter while you are at it. This way, you can maintain the air quality of your home, keeping everyone safe and ensuring they enjoy the clean air that runs in the home.

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