A pristine smile is something that everyone strives for, but if you have missing teeth, you may feel self-conscious about your smile. You may decide to get dental implant surgery to repair your mouth. However, there are issues associated with dental implants that you should be aware of.

What are some common dental implant problems and how can you avoid them?

If you are considering dental implants, you’re in luck! Here are some common issues that you should look out for after getting dental implant surgery.

1. Infection

The mouth contains an abundance of bacteria; even months after you have had an implant surgically installed, you can be at risk of infection around the surgery site. While these types of infections are rare, they can happen if you aren’t careful. Your doctor should prescribe you antibiotics to help reduce the risks of infection.

2. Loose Implant

Another rare problem you may have with your dental implant is the implant itself coming loose. This happens when the body rejects the implant, usually during the initial healing process. A loose implant can result in an increased risk of infection around the dental implant surgery site. 

Pay close attention to the stability of your implant during the healing process. Your doctor may have advice to keep your implant in place.

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3. Nerve Damage

During the dental implant procedure, there is a small chance that the implant may be placed too close to a nerve. This can result in pain, tingling sensations, or even temporary or permanent numbness. Make sure you discuss this issue with your oral surgeon before agreeing to dental implant surgery!

4. Issues Related to Smoking

Smoking after having a dental implant procedure can result in issues with the implant. When you smoke, blood vessels constrict themselves, cutting off nutrients from getting through the body. That means that the surgical site won’t be able to heal properly, as it can’t get the nutrients it needs.

Smoking can also increase your chances of developing an infection. It’s better not to smoke immediately after getting dental implants.

5. Failing to Follow Advice

The most important thing you can do following a dental implant procedure is to listen to your dentist’s advice. The healing stage following your procedure is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your new implant. If you fail to heed your dentist’s suggestions, you could suffer the consequences. 

Take the advice your dentist gives you to heart. They have the training and knowledge to know what is best for you as you heal after your surgery! If you are searching for a talented dentist to help you with your dental implant surgery, Dr. Suzanne Caudry is ready to work with you!

Avoid Common Dental Implant Problems

It’s easy to prevent potential dental implant problems before they occur. While the chances are small that you will have any issues with your implants, it’s best to follow any suggestions your dentist gives you! That way, you can greatly reduce your risks of needing additional implant surgeries.

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Have you ever had an issue with your dental implants?

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