5 Amazing Modern Candle

The aromatherapeutic and holistic properties of scented candles make them unique and famous. Based on their scent, it is believed that they bring emotional balance and physical well-being. 

For example, scents like lavender and lemongrass relax your nerves and leave you feeling refreshed. At the same time, eucalyptus and mint-containing stuff relieve muscle stress and fight against cold and cough. Some citrus scents are just as strong and potent. They can help you improve your focus! 

Although scented candles are not only related to spirituality, they are used worldwide for home decor. Side spaces in drawings are filled up with candle stands. The candles in bulk can make anything look more presentable, whether it’s a candlelight dinner table or an ordinary table in your drawing room. 

Here are some themes that will guide you to using candles in bulk in a presentable way.

#1 The Classic White theme:

For this, you need white candles in bulk. This is one of the most famous ideas used since ancient eras. You can style your table with big white-sized candles. Spread a white sheet on the table and place glass jars with scented flowers. Take another small white glass jar and place a pillar for a candle inside it. Decorate it by placing some red roses around it. 

#2 Fine Futuristic:

Many people like metallic themes, so this idea is especially for you. To set the table with this theme, you need a black tablecloth—place candles in bulk in the center of the table in the following way.

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Place a shiny metal box with a fine futuristic motif and Add some classy stones. Place a candle in it. Make two to three such metal boxes and place them in the center of the table. 

#3 The coastal Charm:

So what if you didn’t have a classy beach wedding?

You can give a coastal look to your bedrooms or drawing rooms. Bring sand and pebbles and make an ocean theme by making a combo. 

Get some classy pebbles and shiny sand in a glass jar. Put some shells inside the jar. Place a big candle in the center of the jar. Simple? Yet classy? Yes.  

Apply this theme in your bedrooms or drawing rooms. 

#4 Classy-Glassy:

You must apply this theme to a celebration. Like Birthday parties, wedding receptions, anniversaries, etc.

Take candles in bulk and pair them up with mirrors. Get some classy shiny mirrors and sequined fabrics. Exhibit a glamorous look of the party out of this theme. For this theme, take jars of scented candles in bulk and give some shades to the jars of the candle by adding some glitter. Add some mosaic golden or silver glitters to the glass jar. Mount a candle in it and light it at the party. It is the most classy theme of candles.

#5 For Long Table Feasts:

This theme is especially for you if you are hosting a family dinner. Take fragranced flowers and spread them around the candle jars. It will give a relaxing scent to the table along with the fragrance of your delicious recipes. 

You need candles in bulk to give your tables and room such themes. Choose one of the themes for your home decor.

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