4 Best Reasons Why you Shouldn’t Buy an iPhone

It is that time of the year when anticipation is in the air in the tech circles. We are officially in September and Apple is expected to unveil 2021 iPhones. Traditionally, the Apple event is in the second week of September and even though Apple hasn’t revealed the exact date, it is expected to do so soon. What we can expect are four new iPhones, which means buyers have the dilemma of buying an iPhone or wait for the new ones to arrive. In our opinion, this isn’t the best time to buy an iPhone and here we explain why:

All-new shiny iPhones should arrive by the end of the month

If you have been saving up and waiting eagerly to buy a new iPhone or replace an old one, then wait for a while more. Generally by September-end, new iPhones are available and it’s always better to go for the latest model — budget and means permitting. Apple is expected to give new display features, tweak the camera capabilities and perhaps add a new colour or two. Even though some might believe that the iPhone 13 (unconfirmed name) will not take a quantum leap in terms of features, it still will be a brand new iPhone, certainly better than the current generation models.

Old iPhones are expected to get cheaper

Two things happen after the new iPhones are launched — some models are bound to get discontinued while some will certainly get a price cut. It happened with iPhone XR when iPhone 11 and 12 were launched and the same happened with iPhone 11 last year as well. What this means is that you will get a solid, reliable — albeit slightly older — iPhone at a lesser price. Perhaps this will be the year though that iPhone XR could get discontinued. If it does then chances are you could grab it for lesser price till stocks last.

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Festive season is round the corner

October-November is generally festive season in India, which means offers galore. Better deals, discounts, exchange offers — you name it and chances are you will get it. E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart too will have festive sales, which increases buyers chances of snaring an iPhone at an attractive price.

The option of going for Android flagships from OnePlus, Samsung

Not everyone wants a new iPhone and for those people there’s always the Android alternatives from OnePlus, Samsung and others. OnePlus is expected to launch a phone sometime in October, which could be a premium flagship phone. Samsung’s foldable and flip phones are also expected to be available soon in the country.

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