Daily fluid intake is good for proper hydration and overall body health. Although you can get your daily water requirements from different food sources such as fruits and beverages, drinking plain water is healthier. Besides a relatively balanced pH, plain water has zero calories.

It’s also crucial to note that the human adult body comprises up to 60% water. The heart and brain contain about 73% water, while muscles and kidneys are 79% watery. What’s more, even rigid body parts such as bones are about 31% watery.

Drinking enough water enhances normal body function by maintaining a balanced environment for homeostatic processes. But how else does daily water intake enhance general well-being? What are the health benefits?

Here are three hydration benefits that you’ll experience by drinking enough water.

1. Proper Hydration Maximizes Physical Performance

One of the prevalent dehydration symptoms is decreased physical performance, especially during intense exercises. Generally, athletes lose up to 10% of their water through sweat. This loss is enough to impair your mood and concentration.

You may also experience increased body temperatures and fatigue. Fortunately, regular hydration can maximize your physical performance by reducing oxidative stress.

Remember, body muscles are mainly watery. The more you hydrate, the more they perform optimally.

Since intense exercises often result in more water loss, it will help if you carry bottled water to hydrate throughout the workout session.

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2. Drinking Water Can Help Relieve Constipation

If you don’t drink enough water, you’ll likely experience constipation. Constipation results from infrequent bowel movements that make it hard to pass stool. Typically, doctors recommend proper hydration as a treatment protocol to prevent or relieve constipation.

Is hard water bad for you? Of course not. Drinking water rich in minerals is beneficial in relieving constipation.

Prevalent water minerals such as magnesium and sodium can enhance bowel movement frequency. This makes it possible to pass stool with ease.

Besides infrequent bowel movements, you can also experience constipation due to hard, dry stool. Drinking enough water ensures that the stool remains moist even after water absorption in the colon.

3. Drinking Enough Water Can Help with Weight Loss

One of the most underrated health tips for weight loss is drinking plenty of plain water. Generally, healthy drinking patterns can promote weight loss by increasing satiety. This boosts metabolism, translating to mote calories burnt per day.

Alternatively, drinking a glass of water before meals can prevent you from taking more calories. For instance, taking a glass of water an hour before lunch will make you feel full. However, this tip is more effective if you consume at least half a liter.

The Bottom Line: Drinking Enough Water Helps You Lead a Quality Life

Even the slightest dehydration symptoms can drain you physically and emotionally. Dehydrated people tend to have reduced energy levels, frequent headaches, and low moods. In the long haul, this affects their performance at work and how they relate with people.

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Proper hydration is the best thing you can do to promote your overall health. Whether your daily intake goal is two liters or more, make it consistent.

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