Twenty DUI arrests were made Saturday night by the Nevada Highway Patrol’s DUI strike force.

“The numbers are in,” the NHP Southern Command tweeted on Sunday after a Saturday night effort. “Despite our best efforts to alert the public that the DUI Strike Team would be out in force last night, 20 motorists still made the poor decision to get behind the wheel impaired.”

Of 161 traffic stops, 42 citations were issued in addition to the 20 DUI arrests. Two non-DUI arrests were made and two firearms were confiscated, according to the NHP.

An earlier NHP tweet noted, “The DUI Strike Team is highly efficient, they employ a mobile unit that brings a phlebotomist to the scene of DUI arrests when requested. This shortens the arrest process allowing the officers/troopers to spend more time on the road looking for impaired drivers.”

One of the arrests included troopers finding an open bottle of hard alcohol and a suspect armed with an AR-15 rifle, according to a NHP tweet.

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